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10 Superb Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Landing Pages


The success of mobiles is no more hidden and also, its contribution to the mobile business method. Google to emphasize this point has already brought a mobile-first index. It is obvious that mobile SEO needs your time investment to see more growth. When it comes to optimizing mobile-landing pages, users’ behaviors across multiple devices need […]


11 Mobile Landing Page Examples You Need To See & Copy


Mobile responsive landing pages are the newest trend on the landing page block, and they are here to stay. It is the very first page a visitor lands on when they make it to your site. Mobile-optimized websites can triple your chances of increasing your conversion rate by 5% or more. Trying to master the […]


Facebook Expands Access to Automated Video Caption Tool


Facebook released a new tool for auto-captioning video ads last year in February and the feature will now be expanded beyond ads by giving access to all Pages; to use automated captions for any video they post. The tool is further extended because it was seen that the view time of captioned video ads increased […]


10 Mobile Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017


Mobile marketing continues to be the medium of focus for marketers due to its increasing demand. So, there is no doubt that 2017 will be the year of mobile as it has continued to be from last couple of years. Mobile has officially surpassed desktop by becoming the top source of web traffic across the […]


The 9 Ways M-Commerce Help Your Business Achieve a Better ROI


M-commerce, in simple words is commerce that’s conducted on mobile. They say it’s the future of marketing the way Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and omnipresent. The all so-ever-busy consumer feel quite easy and less disruptive to do trade on mobile as they never tend to coerce them to do so. Instead, mobile marketing presents an […]


Why Mobile Email Optimization Has Become So Crucial For Your Business


How many times has it happened that you actually have to squint your eyes to make out the words in the email on your phone and you have finally deleted the message? I know you know it that not all of those emails are spammy or unpersonalized but their poor compatibility with mobile forced you […]


How to Leverage Mobile Marketing For Lead Generation


There is a clear-cut strategy behind the lead generation tactics. You have a piece of content or say an offer for your customers in exchange for the information given by them in the form on the landing page. You make use of various channels such as email marketing, blog and social media to promote this […]


The Future of Mobile Marketing in India


It is expected that there will be more smartphones than humans around the world in the coming years. Mobile phones have seen a great change in its journey since its introduction. It was then when people used mobile phones merely for calling and texting and it is now when people search, explore, share, shop apart […]

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