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11 Lead Form Examples You Need To 10x Your Conversion


Lead generation pages are designed precisely for the purpose of capturing personal information, used further to nurture that prospect down your marketing funnel. Below are 11 of the best lead capture forms, from which you can steal great design tactics to make yours high-converting. #1 TopTal TopTal is a site for hiring the top 1% […]


7 Lead Generation Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


Identifying, reaching and appealing the right audience for your business can be very challenging. The key to making sales is to first generate lead. From common design errors to missing main features of a lead generation offer, it’s possible you’re making severe lead generation mistakes without even spotting. Here are 7 lead generation mistakes you […]


7 Tips to Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation


Lead nurturing is important for any business to move potential buyers down their sales funnel and to increase sales. The research shows that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost Marketing automation can help drive sales revenue by nurturing leads so that sales opportunities come from customers […]


7 Plugins That Will Boost Your WordPress Lead Generation


Lead generation must be a top priority with your online marketing strategy. While it is important to give your website an expert look to introduce confidence in your probable clients, it is so important to convert potentials leads to loyal clients. Without lead generation, it’s nearly difficult to discover new opportunities and relate with loyal […]


[CASE STUDY]- B2B Lead Generation: Then & Now


Marketing is continually advancing, and that implies new tactics are always emerging, trends are continually shifting, and the same goes for audience behavior. And, when you remain aware with the recent insights and technology, it helps you optimize your funnel for producing and converting leads. With the twitch of the internet and explosion of social […]


7 ways to capture more leads with exit-intent popups


What to do to make sure that visitor takes the action you want them to take before leaving the site? The last chance to keep the readers engaged is through exit popups. You can easily achieve your goals by properly designing your exit popups and convincing the readers that you are worthy of your time. […]


6 Most Recent Tools for Effective B2B Lead Generation


Are you looking for new ways to reach your prospects or wants to generate leads? Here, tools can work as an operative way to engage possible customers, build awareness, and transfer leads down your sales funnel And, amongst several tools available for B2B lead generation, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will […]


7 Things To Do When Your Content Is Failing To Generate Leads


Are you feeling lost while generating leads with your content marketing campaign? The main purpose behind creating content is to generate leads. You are constantly monitoring but somehow unable to accomplish your goals you have set, and then what you need to do is reconsider your strategy. Lead generation is a must to constantly grow […]


An Ultimate Guide to Generate Potential Leads for Business


“Creating a list of email addresses of the consumers doesn’t mean Lead Generation.” In marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It includes everything starting from bringing traffic to your landing pages to nurturing of leads and finally getting them converted to sales-ready leads […]


How Good Signup Pages Can Benefit Your Business: Illustrations!


The more you help guide your visitors, the better it is! And, to do that, you need to produce a highly useful and usable design including good content. Anyway, in this article we are going to specifically talk about the signup pages and how they can benefit your business if designed well. You can actually […]


How Landing Pages Help You Run Successful Marketing Campaigns


In our previous articles , we have talked a lot about landing pages as to how they act as lead generation machines,long term SEO assets, if strategized and executed well. We also talked about landing page mistakes to be avoided to get more leads and about a few mistakes that can kill your landing page […]


How to Turn Your Landing Page into Long-Term SEO Assets


One of the best facts about inbound marketing you have built up is that your content continues driving an ROI for your business long after it was created and executed. How about your campaigns generating leads even after a year of their launch. A recent survey reveals that about 90% of the new leads that […]


How To Generate Sales-Ready Leads Online in Five easy Steps


In one of our previous articles we discussed about how online lead generation can benefit your business but I think we didn’t talk about how to generate sales leads online. And, as we all know how important it happens to be for any business to find new customers, let’s go ahead and discus how to […]


More traffic = More Business? A Guide To Lead Generation


Inbound marketing is associated with a funnel that we call sales funnel and is all about moving the customer smoothly through this sales funnel. You are doing a lot to bring traffic to your website but just getting the traffic to your website doesn’t mean you are getting more business. To get more business, you […]


How Online Lead Generation Can Benefit Your Business


Large organizations spend millions on advertising for customer acquisition and building their brands. However small businesses have a limited budget and usually can’t spend millions on advertising although the need to attract customer remains same or even more. This is why SMBs need to rely on innovative & cost effective ways of lead generation on […]


How to Generate Leads from Your Website through Infographics


Converting website traffic into leads isn’t a big deal if know the ways and act smart. There are a number of ways you can generate leads from your website such as through content , by optimizing the landing page and so on. There is one more way of generating leads from the website which is […]

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