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[Infographic]- 10 Must have Skills for a Digital Marketing Manager


Today’s digital marketing professionals must have diverse skills, including a classy group of available media channels, the ability to find emerging opportunities, and basic skills of a brilliant marketer. A digital marketing manager has to plan and manage digital fundamentals in the organization’s marketing plan. Here in this infographic, you’ll see what skills Digital Marketing […]


[Infographic]:7-Step Social Media Advertising Strategy to Better Performing Ads


Social media advertising is essential for brands. Why is it so important? It is a way to target audiences on particular networks through audience demographics so targeted customers can see your brand in their page. For better-performing ads, you have to be strategic with your ad spend, content choice, targeting frequency and demographics. Here in […]


[Infographic]- 9 Do’s & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page


PPC landing pages are a bit that many businesses struggle with. A Landing Page is the first page your online viewers are taken to after clicking your ad.  Ads in your PPC campaign must have effective message to attract maximum people to click. And after clicking ad, your Landing Page should do the job to take […]


[Infographic]- Insourcing vs. Outsourcing


The key difference between insourcing and outsourcing is the method in which work is distributed between various departments or agencies for strategic purposes. Every business has to decide whether they should perform a service internally, or outsource that particular service to an external agency. Just check out DSIM’s infographic where we differentiate the insourcing and […]


[Infographic]- 30 Questions to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website


Exactly how do you evaluate a website? You should ask the right questions to yourself because no website is perfect. Things can go wrong, whether due to technical SEO, on-page optimizations, schema markup, sitemaps, page speed, or etc. Here in this infographic, learn 30 questions you should ask to evaluate the quality of your website.


[Infographic]- 20 CTA Words to Boost Conversion Rates Faster


First, have a look at a few CTA facts and statistics that show just how important CTAs have become: 90% of website visitors read headlines and CTA copy. Using CTAs on Facebook posts can boost click-through rates by nearly 300%. Color can make a huge difference in whether or not people click on CTAs. With […]


[Infographic]- Traditional CRM vs. Social CRM


By hearing the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social CRM one can see that they are sharing the same origins; Social CRM is either a constraint to or an enhancement of traditional CRM – or is it somewhat completely different? Here in this infographic, you’ll understand the key points of difference between traditional and […]


[Infographic]- 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram


Instagram has become increasingly popular with brands, and due to changing updates to Instagram’s algorithms, social media marketers must be more thoughtful about posting on Instagram than ever before. Here in this infographic, you’ll know 10 mistakes brand marketers make when posting content on Instagram.


[Infographic]- 10 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content


88% of B2B brands are using content marketing, 52% have reported that measuring ROI is one of their top tasks and many other brands are not measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing at all. Content marketing is so valuable. When done right, it is a highly measurable part of your marketing strategy- you can increase brand awareness, […]


[Infographic]- Remarketing vs. Retargeting


Retargeting and Remarketing are two buzzwords that marketers often hear and they sound the same. Here in this infographic, you can spot the differences and similarities between the two marketing strategies and you can also find out whether you need to do Retargeting or Remarketing.  


[Infographic]- 15 Startup Schemes by Indian Government for Startups


The Indian government has introduced several startup schemes in last few years. Each scheme is aimed towards enhancing the Indian startup network. Here in this infographic, you’ll find a comprehensive list of startup schemes introduced by the Indian Government in the last few years.  


[Infographic]- 15 Tips for Creating a Content Marketing Plan


Content marketing is the pillar of SEO. According to stats, 80% of B2B marketers have a content strategy in place for it. It’s important to know that you need a content marketing strategy before you build your content plan. Content strategy helps businesses manage all of the content they have. Here are 15 useful tips […]


[Infographic]- 40 Link Building Strategies You Can Try Out Now


Link building is the most important skill in SEO. Links will help your pages to rank higher in Google search results. A good link, first and foremost, drives traffic to your site. Link building needs creativity, propel, and often, a budget. No two link building campaigns are the same and the way you select to build […]


[Infographic]- 24 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates


Copywriting plays an important role for consumers at every stage of the buying cycle. It requires forming a bond with your reader. It needs connecting on a deep, emotional level that influences the reader eager to take action. DSIM share 24 copywriting tips to boost your conversion rates in this infographic. The tips include headlines, […]


[Infographic]: 6 Types of Facebook Ads


Are you going to initiate a Facebook advertising campaign? Want to know the different types of ads you can run before you get started? Facebook Ads is becoming a primary part of nearly every social media strategy. It seems to be one of the most instant ways to impact the reach of your content. In […]


[Infographic]- 15 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


Facebook is a direct or simple platform. It’s constantly changed its algorithm to serve individuals and especially for businesses. People using so many techniques you can go wrong on this platform. Facebook is not just a content sharing platform; it’s about knowing your audience and understanding how to engage with them and how it could […]


[Infographic]- 15 Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic & Conversions


Content marketing centered around delivering high-quality content to your target audience to build an active and engaged audience. 91% of B2B & 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing as the most main part of their digital strategy to collect organic traffic & revenue. To create a reliable content marketing plan has become important […]


[Infographic]- 9 Tips to Become an Influencer in Your Industry


Every industry has influencers. Blogging, health, fitness, food, marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing… Anything you can imagine. Influencers are normal people who have earned a large loyal following because of their skill and directness. They teach us the right ways to do the things. Here in this infographic, 9 tips that can help you to […]

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