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5 Hottest Instagram Trends for Businesses in 2019


Soon we’ll be entering 2019 and probably it’s the right time to analyze online marketing trends for the next year. Social media is an important part of digital marketing and acts as a strong marketing tool for brands. There are several social resources that actively leveraging the marketing strategy of businesses and top of them […]


4 Brilliant Tactics for Getting Instagram Engagement


Do you want more engagement for your business Instagram page? Wondering which are the best possible tactics to do that? In this article, you’ll find 4 tactics that will help you achieve your goals for better Instagram engagement. 1) Encourage Followers by Offering Quick Replies Social media marketing becomes more fruitful when you continue actively […]


4 Tips for Creating Instagram Stories Ads That Convert


Do you use Instagram stories ads? Looking for ways to increase your conversions and brand awareness? Instagram stories ads help you to boost brand awareness, gain more followers, and improve your sales! It leaves you in a great position to get ahead of the competition and let marketers drive conversions. Instagram Stories Ads Instagram Stories […]


7 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram


With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is widely used social media platform. It is also used as a good marketing channel. If you want to achieve success, you must have a winning Instagram marketing strategy. This platform gives an opportunity to gain visibility and engage in discussion with customers. In this article, you’ll […]


6 Instagram Scheduling Tools that’ll work for you


Are you looking for tools to schedule and publish content directly to Instagram? Here in this article, you’ll see 6 best of the tools to let you schedule posts directly to Instagram. #1 Later Later is the #1 visual content planner for businesses on Instagram. It’s a social media scheduling tool that offers direct publishing and […]


4 Ways to Retain your Instagram Followers


Who are you, an individual or a business? For both entities, Instagram offers immense popularity. Though followers could be grabbed easily, you may be unfollowed in no time. The ratio of “follow to unfollow” is quite fluctuating and thus, retaining followers for a long run seems challenging. In this article, you will come to know […]


11 Hidden Instagram Tools to Grow Your Audience


Instagram is one of the most influential and engaged social media channels. You can simply share your daily stories and posts with your friends, family and followers. Here is a list of 11 unnoticed Instagram marketing tools that work extraordinarily to help engage, grow and explore your audience. #1 Tagboard Tagboard is software that uses […]


5 Instagram Don’ts to avoid Reduced Visibility


Instagram brings instant visibility and takes you to millions of users across the world in a while, but there are certain activities when done reduce your visibility too. So, it’s important to know what are they; let’s take a look and stop doing those right now. Here we go- 1:  Do not exceed following accounts […]


6 Tools to Design Superb Instagram Stories


Do you want to create professional-looking Instagram stories? Thinking about adding design essentials to your stories? Here, we have mentioned 6 easy-to-use design tools that will make your Instagram stories more interesting and likable. Take a look- #1 Easil Price: Basic plan is free; paid plans start at $7.50/month Easil is the Drag-and-Drop Design tool that […]


8 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Instagram


If you want your local business to succeed on Instagram, you must take care of engagement along with followers, as this leads to conversion and sales. Here, you have been offered 8 tips you can use to productively promote your local business on Instagram, create engagement, and fuel sales. 1) Involve yourself, participate It’s suggested […]


9 Instagram Analytics Tools for Faster Insights


Do you want the best way to analyze your Instagram marketing attempts? Instagram analytics tools can help you plan content, future campaigns, and reach your social media goals. A right tool can deliver analytics to enlighten your social media strategy and content planning. In this article, you’ll find a list of 9 Instagram analytics tools, […]


9 Ways to get the better of Instagram Algorithm


Instagram is a brand creator, isn’t it? Whether you are a celebrity or a common man, it takes you to people you have never known and helps in expanding your identity and grabbing followers. According to a report, “Instagram now has 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million daily active users; 75% of Instagram […]


7 Brands Ruling Instagram With Best UGC Campaigns


Have you looked at how brands are increasing their Instagram visibility? With the right image and user generated content (UGC) strategies, you can create a stronger Instagram presence. Instagram changing the social media game now shares the power of your images. The ecommerce brands with the most Instagram success aren’t just selling a product. They […]


15 Apps to Edit Your Instagram Photos & Videos


By now you have understood how important Instagram is for your business escalation. Every day your audiences receive a number of videos and photos on their timeline. That is why I have suggested you to curate captions which drive engagement. But, nobody is going to notice and read those captions if the image is not […]


9 Things to Multiply Your Instagram Engagement


Marketers not getting many likes, comments, or new followers, need not to worry; there is a way. To help you deal with struggles to get a handful of people to leave a comment on your Instagram posts, we have covered here the important 9 strategies. Take a look and dive into how you can become […]


5 Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Audience


With eye-popping user growth statistics, user-friendly postings and interaction option, Instagram now has earned a great reputation in the forefront of social media marketing. Seeing the opportunities it holds, it has become important to expand your Instagram following. Let’s take a look at the 5 chosen ways to do it: #1 Search audience using Hashtags […]


Instagram publicly introduces Its Archive Feature


Instagram had begun testing its Archive feature last month and it got officially rolled out on Tuesday, 13th June 2017. The feature allows users to archive photos and videos they have deleted from their accounts into a space that only they can view, rather than wiping them out permanently. Instagram made the announcement in a […]


Click-to-Messenger Ads now available on Instagram


The click-to-Messenger ads introduced by Facebook are now available for Instagram users. Now you can start conversations directly from the place. The new Instagram ad placement for click-to-Messenger ads began rolling out to businesses on Wednesday and would be available to all businesses “within the next few months,” Facebook said, adding that more information is […]

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