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How to Get More Exposure with Content Repurpose and Syndication


Do you want to get more exposure without creating new blogs every time? But, how to do this? In this article, you’ll come to know how to repurpose and syndicate your blog posts for getting more & more exposure. Before we learn the process of repurposing, it would be good to know why should we […]


How to Use the Facebook Budget Optimization Tool?


Marketers are always confused about the allocation of budget to reach the most effective Facebook audiences. All businesses want to know that they are using their ad dollars most resourcefully. Facebook’s Budget Optimization tool uses an algorithm to automatically optimize your budget distribution across ad sets. In this article, you’ll learn what Facebook Budget Optimization […]


How to 10X Your A/B Testing with AdWords Ad Variations


Advertisers with the help of Google AdWords Ad Variations can test fresh copy at scale. But in the case, it becomes important for them to know how to use them. Here, in this post, you learn about 3 different types of AdWords text ad variations and additionally get details regarding their implementation. Let’s take a […]

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