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Google Unveils a New “Follow” Button in Search Results

Jul 20, 2017

Introducing the feed in December, Google has now brought the option for searchers to follow specific topics of interest. Trying to get better at understanding searchers’ interests and helping them to keep up with exactly what they care about, searchers now can follow topics, right from Search results. How to follow your favorites? Look out […]


7 PPC Trends To Take You Ahead in 2017

Jul 19, 2017

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has been the hot subject throughout the year 2016 among the advertisers and its success lies in its ability to generate more qualified leads, traffic for businesses within a short span. This year, a number of techniques and trends for PPC have evolved too. And, to achieve better online success, each one should […]


Adwords Now Supports Youtube Video Views In Remarketing Lists

Jul 13, 2017

Google AdWords today announced that advertisers now can use YouTube video views and channel interactions to power remarketing lists in their search campaigns. CassieH, Community Manager, Google Advertiser Community said that, “With YouTube remarketing lists, you can remarket to people who have previously interacted with your YouTube channel. Now, you can use these audiences with […]


Google using ccTLD or Search Console Settings for Geotargeting

Jul 12, 2017

Recently, Google has given information about how it geotargets search rankings to users in different locations across the world and it talks of ccTLD and Search Console Settings. John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, said that: “For geotargeting we use mostly the ccTLD or search console setting, so place the server where it works best […]


9 PPC Ad Tips That Will Double Your Conversion

Jul 11, 2017

PPC ad copy is knowingly about 30-30-80 characters yet is hardest to nail. You need to hit smart, induce emotions, and sell your offers – all within very limited space. You can write amazing ads that get your customer click. Writing an effective Google Ad is an artwork. So, we’re sharing tactics to write an […]


Bing Rolls out Personalized Image and Video Feeds

Jul 4, 2017

Bing has introduced the ability to personalize your image and video feeds based on interests and favorites. When you visit the Bing homepage and navigate to the images or video sections before conducting a search, you will see the “Feed” tab. How to personalize? Personalizing your image and video search feeds is easy – simply […]


Google AdWords Editor Version 12 is Now Available Worldwide

Jul 1, 2017

Google’s AdWords Editor Version 12 have been rolled out worldwide to aid advertisers manage campaigns more effectively. In addition to a new design, it includes several updates, including support for custom rules, faster version downloads, and maximum conversions biddings. Here are the details: New design Version 12 features a new design that better aligns with […]


Google News Redesign, AdWords testing headlines and speed tool upgrade

Jun 29, 2017

Google News gets a cleaner layout along with new features to make it ‘more accessible’. The new look is simpler to scan visually. It additionally offers cleaner navigation and is more customized. Google is likewise making video more noticeable all through. Anand Paka, Google News product manager said that the redesign means to connect users […]


Google rolling out a large search algorithm update

Jun 28, 2017

Google appears to be tweaking its search ranking algorithm starting sometime around Sunday, June 25. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google while replying to a user question; “Is there any Google Algorithm Update?” said that, “Yep! We make updates all time.” Though, the update has not been technically confirmed by Google; but based on […]


Google is Compressing Display Ads to speed up browsing

Jun 23, 2017

Google on Tuesday announced that it has started compressing Google Display Ads, “whenever possible”. The ads will get compressed up to 40%;  to get better page load times and increase battery life efficiency. This is achieved using a new compression algorithm ‘Brotli’ introduced by Google 2 years back. The experiments have seen data savings of […]


Google shares its 2017 AdWords Product Roadmap

Jun 9, 2017

Google recently held its annual event Google Marketing Next 2017, a platform used to unveil the latest innovations for ads, analytics and DoubleClick, in San Francisco. Giving more of its focus on machine learning, the giant search engine said that, “The technology is important to enabling marketers analyze countless signals in real time and reach […]


Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads

Jun 6, 2017

Google has brought a new tool called Ad Experience Report for publishers that’ll help them spot how annoying and pushy their site’s ads are. Using the tool, publishers now can know how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own sites. It gives screenshots and videos of annoying ad experiences identified to make it easy […]


Google Adds ‘Buy’ Button To Search Ads

Jun 3, 2017

Google has introduced a beta program for Purchases on Google, which allows qualifying merchants to add a ‘Buy’ button to search adds. Merchants who qualify for the program will effectively have a call to action (CTA) “Buy on Google” in the search engine results pages (SERPs) button on top of their product ads. It’s a […]


Google is introducing Maximize Conversions in AdWords

Jun 1, 2017

To help marketers make most out of their advertising budget, Google AdWords is introducing Maximize Conversions: a new Smart bidding strategy. The new technology automatically sets the right bid for each auction to help get marketers the most conversions within their daily budget. The effort has been made to let marketers overcome the challenge of […]


CRO Tools coming to AdWords with new integrations

May 27, 2017

Google’s annual summit for advertiser i.e. Google Marketing Next 2017 held in San Francisco brought a variety of product announcements including New Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize integrations in AdWords. With new integrations for Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 with AdWords, advertisers will be able to test landing pages and gain insights about […]


Google is bringing new AMP ads for advertisers

May 25, 2017

Google is speeding up Search Ads with AMP technology, in two different ways. The first one is; Google AdWords new beta version and the second is Google speeding up ads served across the entire Google Display Network with AMP technology. As of launched new beta version, it will allow advertisers to use AMP pages as […]


Google AdWords Introduces Scheduling for Conversion Imports

May 19, 2017

Google has released the ability to automate imports of offline conversion data that will help advertisers to see how their online ads affect online sales and other valuable actions, to save time and reduce errors. Advertisers now can schedule AdWords to automatically upload offline conversions on a daily or weekly basis. Conversions can be uploaded […]


Google AdWords Rolls out new & improved Quality Score Reporting

May 18, 2017

Starting this week, Google AdWords is rolling out several improvements to Quality Score reporting, allowing advertisers to get more visibility into their quality scores. New Status Columns There has been an addition of three new optional status columns to the Keywords tab for “Exp. CTR,” “Ad Relevance” and “Landing Page Exper.” By adding these columns […]

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