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An 8-step Plan for Generating Leads with AdWords Campaign

Feb 21, 2017

AdWords Campaign is the biggest paid advertising platform which brings out instant traffic to your website. Launching a campaign for generating qualified leads is a daunting task, but it may not be that daunting with little preparation and right strategies. We have listed the 8 essential steps below which you need to use while setting […]


Know These Algorithm Facts to Beat the Google Penalties

Feb 16, 2017

‘Google’ was launched in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a search engine. But the company has evolved to be more than just a search engine. You can do so much with Google like upload videos, navigate, mail, read news, translate languages and a lot other things. And, there is no doubt it […]


4 New AdWords Features That You Must Use In 2017

Feb 15, 2017

AdWords has witnessed plenty of changes in recent years to ensure that you get best of the results from your campaign. Google AdWords is constantly upgrading and introducing new features so that you can run an effective campaign and take your business to the next level. In this article, we will discuss 4 Major new […]


Google AdWords will bring Automated Call Extensions in Mobile Ads

Jan 14, 2017

On February 6, 2017, Google will launch automated call extensions in mobile ads. Google has sent an email to AdWords customers that it will start generating call extensions automatically for the users who use both call and location extensions. Here is the copy of the email that asks advertisers to use, “landing pages prominently featuring […]


[INFOGRAPHIC]- How PPC Campaigns Can Be Optimized?

Jan 10, 2017

Google AdWords is a lucrative way to upsurge your website traffic, target your clients, improve lead generation, produce more revenue, and get the advantage with search engines. Every Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is unique, but the most effective campaigns all share the same features: a logical, planned structure, complete keyword research, and ongoing management and maintenance. […]


11 Strategies to Increase the Performance of an AdWords Campaign

Jan 10, 2017

A Google AdWords campaign assures instant traffic to your website against the investment you’ve made on running the campaign. One of the most trusted ways of bringing traffic is by running an AdWords campaign. But one needs to be an active participant and set the strategies right to improve the results of the campaign. It […]


Google AdWords Makes Advertising Simpler for Display and Video Campaigns

Dec 27, 2016

Google AdWords as of recent declared changes to how it will target ads beginning on January 18, 2017. From that date forward, all ad groups with no targeting method selected will naturally be qualified to show ads through the entire Google Display Network (GDN). Ads with no targeting method chosen will simply get served to […]


Google Search Console Updates its AMP feature

Dec 23, 2016

Google Search Console updated its feature AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) report and, users will now be able to differentiate between the errors, that whether these are critical or non-critical. Earlier, the report was only listing all the AMP errors; it didn’t use to indicate its criticality. It used to be difficult for the site owners […]


Google My Business Adds New Photos Insights

Dec 17, 2016

Now, Google My Business lets you compare the views on your Google Maps photos to the views your competitors get in the Google My Business insights. A new metric added to the insights section of the Google My Business dashboard allows you to know, how often people visit your photos, so that you can compare […]


AdWords Makes It Easier To Customize Email Lists

Dec 3, 2016

Google makes it easier for you to keep your email lists up-to-date by making changes to the existing Customer Match lists. Now, marketers can add and remove email addresses from the existing Customer match lists in AdWords. The list can be completely replaced with a new file without even creating a new one. From the […]


Google Piloting My Business Chat with Customers

Nov 29, 2016

A new feature in the Google My Business Area is being tested by the Google. With this feature, customers can initiate a chat with various businesses from the local listing tab present in Google search. It is said that the typical response time in which the businesses will reply back to your text message is […]


Google AdWords Adds 3 New Capabilities in Ad Customizers

Nov 25, 2016

An entirely new and powerful feature in Google AdWords is starting as we are heading towards 2017. This will let users use programming to improve the conversion rate and ad performance with the help of customizers. This feature can be used to show different advertisements based upon the device and audience list of the user. […]


Google Transforms Adwords Price Extension Format to Swipeable Cards

Nov 16, 2016

Google is bringing the swipeable carousel cards to the AdWords snippets. The price extensions were enabled for advertisers in July so that they can display information related to the costs of services and products in mobile text ads. The standard format for price extensions is changed to swipeable card format. Earlier, the format used to […]


Google Commences Its Mobile-First Indexing Feature

Nov 9, 2016

Google has made its first shift to test mobile-first index with desktop version in order to decide the rankings.  The Google noticed that most of its searches were mobile but while evaluating the site’s ranking, it just looks for the desktop version of the site. The main aim behind this change is to get better […]


Google Announces Affiliate Location Ad Extensions

Nov 5, 2016

Google Adwords announced a new feature of affiliate location extensions that give makers a new way to support their offline retail supply efforts on Google. Affiliate location extensions aim at helping makers drive consumers to third-party retail locations that sell their products. Google says “If you sell your products through retail chains, affiliate location extensions […]


Google launches click-to-message ads on Google Search

Oct 20, 2016

Google roll out a new ad extension that connects advertisers directly with users over SMS through ads in Google Search. The purpose of introduction this ad extension is to let the prospective users to text you. This new ad extension will be similar to “call ad buttons”, for sending SMS or text messages to the […]


Google Extends Deadlines for Expanded Text Ads to January 31, 2017

Sep 18, 2016

Google’s expanded text ads, introduced earlier in July. These expanded text ads are 50% larger than standard text ads. Initially, there was a deadline of October 26 where standard text ads could no longer be used. Google is extending the deadline to January 31, 2017, to make sure everyone has time to learn the ins […]


Google AdWords: One Email for Multiple Accounts

Sep 16, 2016

Google announced new updates for accessing AdWords accounts. Users now can use one email address to log in to multiple accounts, quickly switch between accounts, and invite new users. Users can connect up to five AdWords accounts to one email. The option to add additional accounts can be accessed through the ‘Manage AdWords accounts’ screen in […]

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