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CRO Tools coming to AdWords with new integrations

May 27, 2017

Google’s annual summit for advertiser i.e. Google Marketing Next 2017 held in San Francisco brought a variety of product announcements including New Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize integrations in AdWords. With new integrations for Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 with AdWords, advertisers will be able to test landing pages and gain insights about […]


Google is bringing new AMP ads for advertisers

May 25, 2017

Google is speeding up Search Ads with AMP technology, in two different ways. The first one is; Google AdWords new beta version and the second is Google speeding up ads served across the entire Google Display Network with AMP technology. As of launched new beta version, it will allow advertisers to use AMP pages as […]


Google AdWords Introduces Scheduling for Conversion Imports

May 19, 2017

Google has released the ability to automate imports of offline conversion data that will help advertisers to see how their online ads affect online sales and other valuable actions, to save time and reduce errors. Advertisers now can schedule AdWords to automatically upload offline conversions on a daily or weekly basis. Conversions can be uploaded […]


Google AdWords Rolls out new & improved Quality Score Reporting

May 18, 2017

Starting this week, Google AdWords is rolling out several improvements to Quality Score reporting, allowing advertisers to get more visibility into their quality scores. New Status Columns There has been an addition of three new optional status columns to the Keywords tab for “Exp. CTR,” “Ad Relevance” and “Landing Page Exper.” By adding these columns […]


Google Rolling Out New Keyword Bidding Suggestions in AdWords

May 13, 2017

Google is taking off new keyword bidding suggestions in AdWords for various page positions. Several users around the world reported to see another; entirely new keyword bidding interface in the AdWords UI, on 12th May 2017. Clicking to update the Max CPC on a keyword raises a new look with recommendations custom fitted to the […]


AdWords Updates You Might Have Missed In 2017

May 13, 2017

Similar to rest in digital marketing the paid search advertising is a regularly changing landscape and it’s difficult to catch up dependably on what’s new. So, we have made here a quick list of probably the most critical changes to Google AdWords in the year and need you to put them to use immediately. 1) Google […]


7 Simple AdWords Tips to Make More Money

May 8, 2017

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a great way to drive more qualified leads to your website. A well-executed PPC campaign is an excellent approach to boost conversions and revenue. However, your target audience and messaging remain unique to your business; there are basic tactics that always work in PPC campaigns. Here are 7 important components to […]


Google AdWords Introduces Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

May 6, 2017

Google launched ‘Remarketing lists featuring similar audiences’ for search ads (RLSA) and Shopping campaigns in AdWords. The feature lets advertisers customize search ads campaign for individuals who have formerly visited their sites, and tailor the bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner sites. The ability will work exceedingly […]


Google AdSense Now Allows 300×250 Mobile Ads above the Fold

May 4, 2017

Google has announced a policy update on Tuesday for AdSense Publishers that they can now include 300×250 ad units above the fold on their mobile sites. Prior to this change brought into effect immediately, limitations were put and Google has evacuated it saying that, “We recognize the frustration around limitations we’ve placed on this sized […]


Google Brings Big Changes to its Search Algorithms

Apr 27, 2017

Google knows it has a search quality issue and is trying genuinely to filter fake news, which has turned into a prominent issue for individuals attempting to game the search ranking system. As the details say around 0.25% of every day queries return content which is hateful, misleading, or not what the searcher was looking […]


Google to give advertisers more control over online ads

Mar 30, 2017

Google has already begun ramping up the changes to give brands more control that where their ads appear. It has started implementing the changes like improvement to the ad policies, increasing the brand safety levels and control for advertisers and improves transparency and resources. 1) Improving the bar for Ad Policies Google knows that advertisers […]


Google AdWords Rolls out Click-to-call Updates

Mar 10, 2017

Google rolled out a series of updates this week to click-to-call ads. The updates include account-level call extensions, new design for ads, and new reporting capabilities. Account-level Call Extensions The updated feature will be rolled out this week. With this advertisers will be able to set up call extensions on a larger scale. They will […]


Google to shrink AdWords Conversion Window from 30 to 1 day

Mar 7, 2017

Google announced on March 6, 2017 that the default view-through conversion window of AdWords will shrink to 1 day from 30 days from March 29, 2017. This new update will be applied to both existing conversion actions and as well as the new ones which are currently set to the default conversion window. A view-through […]


AdWords Price Extension Gets Live On All Devices

Mar 4, 2017

Google launched price extensions in AdWords last year in July to display prices on different products and services in the text ads. It was just for mobile devices till last year, but now the price extensions are eligible to show on all the devices. After, announcing extensions for mobile phones last year, Google changed the […]


An 8-step Plan for Generating Leads with AdWords Campaign

Feb 21, 2017

AdWords Campaign is the biggest paid advertising platform which brings out instant traffic to your website. Launching a campaign for generating qualified leads is a daunting task, but it may not be that daunting with little preparation and right strategies. We have listed the 8 essential steps below which you need to use while setting […]


Know These Algorithm Facts to Beat the Google Penalties

Feb 16, 2017

‘Google’ was launched in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a search engine. But the company has evolved to be more than just a search engine. You can do so much with Google like upload videos, navigate, mail, read news, translate languages and a lot other things. And, there is no doubt it […]


4 New AdWords Features That You Must Use In 2017

Feb 15, 2017

AdWords has witnessed plenty of changes in recent years to ensure that you get best of the results from your campaign. Google AdWords is constantly upgrading and introducing new features so that you can run an effective campaign and take your business to the next level. In this article, we will discuss 4 Major new […]


Google to rewrite your AdWords Ads to increase performance

Feb 2, 2017

In a new test program, Google is likely to rewrite the Ads added by AdWords, create new ad variations and then put the ad live. Google  to rewrite your PPC ads and here are the 6 things you need to know about Google’s Ads Added by AdWords test. 1. What do you mean by Ads […]

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