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AdWords rolls out 3 extension types for call-only ads

Sep 23, 2017

As hundreds of thousands of advertisers already using call-only ads to generate more phone calls from mobile search, AdWords has introduced upgrades to call-only ads. And, yes, it got started with the launch of ad extensions. Previously, call-only ads did not display these ad extensions, but now these will be eligible for three extension types. […]


7 PPC Advertising Mistakes Not To Repeat Blindly

Sep 23, 2017

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is an exceptional way to drive traffic to websites. It allows you to feature your ad on search engines, making your ad clearly visible to people searching for your products &services. It is a resourceful and effective way to advertise, it can become costly if the wrong people are clicking […]


AdWords Rolling Out AMP Landing Pages in 2 Weeks

Sep 13, 2017

Earlier this year at Google Marketing Next, Google announced the ability to use fast-loading AMP landing pages for advertisers’ search text ads. And, now, starting in two weeks, it will get rolled out to all AdWords advertisers globally, giving them an opportunity to create a seamless browsing experience for their potential customers. Through a post […]


5 Simple Tips to Master Your PPC Audience Targeting

Sep 13, 2017

As Google offering newest & hottest audience targeting solutions, advertisers now have gotten a great set of tools to manage their campaigns smartly. And, so, to drive better synergies with other online channels! Here, we have brought here the 5 reliable audience targeting tactics you can use in your paid search marketing and take your […]


Google Adds New Tabs to Search Cards on Mobile

Sep 12, 2017

Google is rolling out new updates to Search. It is updating its Knowledge Graph cards in mobile search with additional tabs for certain queries. Specifically, Knowledge Graph cards will be updated for movies first, followed by books and movies. Google’s new set of tabs in Knowledge Graph cards for movies include: Existing updates: Overview Showtimes […]


9 Most Important PPC Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Sep 2, 2017

To know how successful your PPC Campaigns are, you use KPIs. And, when you measure your performance appropriately, you wind up plainly ready to exhibit your return for money invested. So, let’s dig into know exactly which KPIs to use: 1) “Clicks” The reason of PPC Advertising is to drive traffic to a website, thus, […]


Adwords Will Now Report On Shopping Ads Tracking

Sep 1, 2017

Google AdWords has rolled out a new reporting based on how often one of your shopping ads appears in the top position. It’ll be offering ‘product status reporting’ and ‘absolute top impression share’ to help advertisers get a head start identifying product data gaps and measuring competitiveness in Shopping campaigns, we’re rolling out. Product Status […]


Google rolls out a new “Landing pages” tool

Aug 29, 2017

To help advertisers improve mobile performance, Google AdWords has begun rolling out a new Landing pages tool. The announcement was made at Google Marketing Next, earlier this year and is now being brought over the next few weeks in new AdWords experience. It’s a tab in AdWords that can help developers see which URLs in […]


Google Introduces A New ‘Searches’ Card

Aug 25, 2017

Google AdWords has rolled out a ‘Searches’ Card to let advertisers quickly act on rising search trends. The feature will help them see which words customers are using to find their business on Google. AdWords’ new Searches card is available on the Overview page in the new experience, and appears like this: For example, create […]


6 Ad Copy Tests to Improve Your PPC Performance

Aug 23, 2017

Wondering why PPC ad copy testing is important? Because, to be successful in your PPC campaigns, you have to create approaches to fuse the new with the old methodologies as these drive huge performance changes in your ads. Let’s get started… To do it, you need a strong strategy as driving big improvements in your […]


AdWords to move App Install Campaigns to UAC later this year

Aug 19, 2017

Google AdWords has announced that it’ll be moving all App Install Campaigns to Universal App Campaigns (UAC) later this year. UAC was launched 2 years back so that advertisers can grow their app business and since then, has delivered unprecedented growth and app engagement for developers and marketers. And, now it has proven to be […]


5 AdWords Ads Tips You Can Implement Right Now

Aug 11, 2017

Google AdWords offers an opportunity for more or less every business to improve their visibility in the SERPs and reach new customers. But building an ad and spending money on it is not sufficient. Now when every business is thinking about digital media, competition has increased to another level, and it’s important to stand out. […]


8 PPC Blogs You Must Read & Follow in 2017

Aug 11, 2017

For search marketers, there is dependably a need of finding better approaches to get their clients the most traffic and visibility on the foremost search engines. There are various blogs and websites where they can go to absorb knowledge, learn and drive towards expertise and abilities in PPC. There are a number of PPC blogs […]


AdWords Mobile Extensions Get Major Upgrades

Aug 10, 2017

The year 2017 so far has brought various AdWords updates and now, it’s all about another major mobile upgrade. Mobile sitelinks are getting to be noticeably interactive and callouts and structured snippets are gaining more real estate. Now, sitelinks are tappable on mobile, allowing users to choose which sitelinks pertain to them, while additionally jumping […]


10 Super Useful PPC Tools You Need To Try This Year

Aug 2, 2017

Running a pay-per-click advertising campaign can be time-consuming and costly.  And, here PPC tools can save your time, optimize your budget, offer important insights, inspire you, and in due course help you make more money. So, to help you get insight into keywords, ad copy, and competitor research, we have presented a list of 10 […]


25 Most EXPENSIVE AdWords Keywords of all-time

Jul 29, 2017

An ever increasing number of businesses are turning to PPC advertising these days and so, keyword research has become important than ever. When discussing these little text ads appearing next to search results, they bring almost 97 percent i.e. $33.3 billion of the Google’s revenue over the year. Isn’t it great? But, the more fascinating […]


Google AdWords welcomes new call bid adjustments

Jul 27, 2017

Google has revealed adding a bid adjustment in AdWords clearly for calls and the adjustment informs how often call information appears in mobile search ads. Bid adjustments for calls can be used to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns. It looks very likely this is the first of […]


Google Unveils a New “Follow” Button in Search Results

Jul 20, 2017

Introducing the feed in December, Google has now brought the option for searchers to follow specific topics of interest. Trying to get better at understanding searchers’ interests and helping them to keep up with exactly what they care about, searchers now can follow topics, right from Search results. How to follow your favorites? Look out […]

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