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Google AdWords Announces 4 New Features for Google Shopping


Google has announced a variety of new features for Google Shopping designed to boost business for brick-and-mortar dealers. Google stated new ways to highlight affiliate location extensions, new local catalog ads, a new local feed partnership program, and price benchmarks in AdWords reporting. Here’s a look at these new features: #1 Affiliate location extensions on […]


Google AdWords Introduces New Report Creating Tool


Google has rolled out a new AdWords tool that has brought help for advertisers and so, they can easily create reports in spreadsheets. The new tool is right now available in beta and integrates directly as a free add-on with Google Sheets. With the new tool, advertisers can make reports for AdWords, from one or more […]


Google’s New Algorithm Creates Original Articles from Web Pages


Google has always entertained its users by offering several useful features for content writing upgrades and this time, it is a new algorithm. The new algorithm generates “coherent” articles by taking yours and competitor’s web pages in the account. The algorithm can resolve a user’s query without sending them to another web page. How Does […]


AdWords New Responsive Search Ads can show 3 Headlines


Google’s new responsive ad format which is now in beta version i.e. not available to all the advertisers will now show 3 headlines. It allows Google to dynamically test different combinations of Headlines and Descriptions and optimize ad delivery based on the top-performing combinations. These ads will implement in the same locations and will look […]


AdWords to roll out newer version by end of 2018


If you’re a digital marketer, you would never like to miss updates on Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the one resource that offers ample ideas to advertisers for programming their campaigns. Now, Google has asserted that its AdWords program is completely transforming to the new experience by the end of the year. The new AdWords […]


AdWords Editor Latest Version (12.3) has been rolled out


Google rolled out the latest model of AdWords Editor this week and it comprises numbers of new options like the ability to obtain search phrases reports, robust filtering options, account-level extension and more. When seeing key phrase lists in the Editor, users can find a new Search Phrases tab. As shown in the image, by […]


5 PPC Takeaways to make you a better Marketer


PPC (pay-per-click) promoting is a sort of online advertising within which advertisers build up prices once users click their ads. Advertisers bid on the perceived worth of a click with respect to the keywords, platforms, and audience sort within which it originates. PPC is used for all types of campaign goals, including- Increasing Sales. Generating […]


Google Launches a New Video Ad Format called “Outstream”


Google has introduced a new video ad format called Outstream that has been built exclusively for mobile environments that reach potential customers on Google video partner sites. The new Outstream Video Ads won’t require placement within a YouTube video, unlike Trueview in-stream ads or Bumper ads. Outstream video ads play automatically on mute when they […]


6 Tips to Plan PPC Campaigns Affordably


Advertising products or services to the targeted customers may be a daunting task and if you make mistakes, it could cost you hugely. But, you can save your money, time and effort if you have right marketing plans to attract your customers and what could be better than the PPC advertising that hits straight on […]


Google AdWords launches Reach Planner for YouTube Ads


Google AdWords launches Reach Planner, a new planning tool for video campaigns. It allows advertisers to forecast the reach and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and across Google’s video partners, in over 50 countries. The tool will provide unique reach data across all devices, for all core audiences and video formats. ‘Product Mixes’ is […]


10 Tactics for Optimizing Your AdWords for Video Ads


While considering optimizing your AdWords for video ads, there are a lot of things you need to consider in the procedure. A video ad campaign launch can be a significant idea, but consider few things before you start; invest for views to make the most of your budget and get the best return for your […]


Google AdWords Rolls Out New Keyword Planner Tool


Google has introduced a rebuilt version of Keyword Planner, which is accessible now in the new AdWords experience. Making Keyword Planner simple, AdWords has included new features as well. This will help advertisers collect additional data from their search campaigns. What are the new features? Ability to add keywords in bulk Get an overview of […]


5 Essential Steps to Declutter Your AdWords Account


Google has always supported its users when they look for the promotion that turns clicks into conversions. With its Google AdWords program, marketers create text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads and much more. Undoubtedly these sorts of ads bring positive results for the business, but the ad creating process also releases clutters […]


Google AdWords to Deactivate Accounts with No Ad Spend


Google will be automatically deactivating AdWords accounts next week with no spend in the past 15 months. Google said this will help ‘speed up’ the AdWords experience. When the account is canceled, advertisers will receive an email notification. Starting next week, we’re helping speed up your AdWords experience by automatically deactivating accounts that don’t have […]


Google AdWords Bans Cryptocurrency-related Ads


In January, Facebook banned ads about cryptocurrency on its products, also in China crypto-related ads aren’t allowed online. Now, Google will ban all cryptocurrency-related AdWords ads starting in June 2018. This contains ICOs, exchanges and even pages offering information about trading. “We don’t have a crystal ball to know where the future is going to […]


Google AdWords Rolls out New Performance Insights for Click-to-Message Ads


Google AdWords is introducing a new set of performance insights specifically for click-to-message ads. Click-to-message ads were introduced in late 2016 to give advertisers a new and easier way to engage with consumers and as the name suggests, it allows searches to message back and forth with a business. Now, AdWords is rolling out Message […]


AdWords Rolls out the Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator


To meet consumers’ expectations for faster and better digital experiences, AdWords has announced rolling out the mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator. Speed Scorecard Speed Scorecard is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to compare mobile speed with other companies’. It shows the speeds of thousands of sites from 12 countries across the globe. It’s […]


5 ways you can use AdWords to Promote YouTube Videos


Want to promote your YouTube Content? You must be wondering how Google AdWords targeting can help? And, to give you answer of that, here DSIM has brought an article including 5 ways Google AdWords targeting can improve delivery of your YouTube video ads and let your audience see your YouTube content. Let’s find out how […]

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