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AdWords Rolls out a new feature called ‘Data Control’


To help marketing decision makers access or integrate the data they need where they need it, Google AdWords has introduced an important update to Google Data Studio. A new feature called AdWords Data Control has been added to Google Data Studio Reports. It’s a dashboarding and reporting tool that customers can use to connect all […]


AdWords Introduces Ad Unit for In-Store Products


Google AdWords has launched Showcase Shopping ads in the new AdWords experience, available to more advertisers globally in 15 new countries. The innovation has been made to help curious holiday shoppers discover their brand and product selection when they’re still in exploration mode. AdWords began testing Showcase Shopping Ads last year and found that shoppers […]


Google’s New AdWords Experience is Now Available to Everyone


Google had announced the rollout of its new AdWords experience and now, it has been finally arrived. The new AdWords experience is now available to all advertisers. It has been started with a goal to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords that’s focused on helping advertisers reach their business goals. Some of the benefits […]


10 AdWords Ad Extensions as “ADDITIONAL BONUSES”


Many advertisers know that ad extension allows you to display additional information such as location, sitelinks and many more on your Google ads. But only a few of them use ad extension to their full potential. Google provides advertisers a range of ‘Ad Extensions’ to help increase ad rank and click-through rate. “Google reports that […]


Google Doubles AdWords Budgets and Advertisers are not Happy


Google has reported an important update rolling out a change to the way AdWords budgets can be used and it’s been taken as one of the most anti-advertisers changes made ever. Starting October 4, 2017, campaigns will be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget to enable advertisers achieve their advertising goals, […]


AdWords introduces a better, simpler ad rotation


Starting in late September, AdWords announced simplifying ad rotation to two settings: “optimize” and “rotate indefinitely.” The right ad rotation helps show best ads to people looking for what advertisers have to offer and the newer update will make it clear which rotation makes the most sense for your business. Optimize for best ads Powered […]


5 AdWords Copywriting Hacks To Get More Clicks


Every marketer needs verified tips to advance click through rates, quality score and conversions. Here, in this article we’ll talk about chosen 5 hacks to make your AdWords Advert copy great. Let’s take a look at them and learn how to write PPC ads that get clicked more & more: 1) End your ad with […]


AdWords rolls out 3 extension types for call-only ads


As hundreds of thousands of advertisers already using call-only ads to generate more phone calls from mobile search, AdWords has introduced upgrades to call-only ads. And, yes, it got started with the launch of ad extensions. Previously, call-only ads did not display these ad extensions, but now these will be eligible for three extension types. […]


7 PPC Advertising Mistakes Not To Repeat Blindly


Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is an exceptional way to drive traffic to websites. It allows you to feature your ad on search engines, making your ad clearly visible to people searching for your products &services. It is a resourceful and effective way to advertise, it can become costly if the wrong people are clicking […]


AdWords Rolling Out AMP Landing Pages in 2 Weeks


Earlier this year at Google Marketing Next, Google announced the ability to use fast-loading AMP landing pages for advertisers’ search text ads. And, now, starting in two weeks, it will get rolled out to all AdWords advertisers globally, giving them an opportunity to create a seamless browsing experience for their potential customers. Through a post […]


5 Simple Tips to Master Your PPC Audience Targeting


As Google offering newest & hottest audience targeting solutions, advertisers now have gotten a great set of tools to manage their campaigns smartly. And, so, to drive better synergies with other online channels! Here, we have brought here the 5 reliable audience targeting tactics you can use in your paid search marketing and take your […]


Google Adds New Tabs to Search Cards on Mobile


Google is rolling out new updates to Search. It is updating its Knowledge Graph cards in mobile search with additional tabs for certain queries. Specifically, Knowledge Graph cards will be updated for movies first, followed by books and movies. Google’s new set of tabs in Knowledge Graph cards for movies include: Existing updates: Overview Showtimes […]


9 Most Important PPC Metrics You Should Be Tracking


To know how successful your PPC Campaigns are, you use KPIs. And, when you measure your performance appropriately, you wind up plainly ready to exhibit your return for money invested. So, let’s dig into know exactly which KPIs to use: 1) “Clicks” The reason of PPC Advertising is to drive traffic to a website, thus, […]


Adwords Will Now Report On Shopping Ads Tracking


Google AdWords has rolled out a new reporting based on how often one of your shopping ads appears in the top position. It’ll be offering ‘product status reporting’ and ‘absolute top impression share’ to help advertisers get a head start identifying product data gaps and measuring competitiveness in Shopping campaigns, we’re rolling out. Product Status […]


Google rolls out a new “Landing pages” tool


To help advertisers improve mobile performance, Google AdWords has begun rolling out a new Landing pages tool. The announcement was made at Google Marketing Next, earlier this year and is now being brought over the next few weeks in new AdWords experience. It’s a tab in AdWords that can help developers see which URLs in […]


Google Introduces A New ‘Searches’ Card


Google AdWords has rolled out a ‘Searches’ Card to let advertisers quickly act on rising search trends. The feature will help them see which words customers are using to find their business on Google. AdWords’ new Searches card is available on the Overview page in the new experience, and appears like this: For example, create […]


6 Ad Copy Tests to Improve Your PPC Performance


Wondering why PPC ad copy testing is important? Because, to be successful in your PPC campaigns, you have to create approaches to fuse the new with the old methodologies as these drive huge performance changes in your ads. Let’s get started… To do it, you need a strong strategy as driving big improvements in your […]


AdWords to move App Install Campaigns to UAC later this year


Google AdWords has announced that it’ll be moving all App Install Campaigns to Universal App Campaigns (UAC) later this year. UAC was launched 2 years back so that advertisers can grow their app business and since then, has delivered unprecedented growth and app engagement for developers and marketers. And, now it has proven to be […]

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