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10 Marketing lessons we must learn from AAP and Arvind Kejriwal


One of the basics of marketing is that it revolves around communicating the value to your prospects and understanding their needs. Well, Arvind Kejriwal has proved once again that the basics never change. Here are 10 marketing lessons we all can learn from Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP 1- Your customers aren’t morons Father of advertising, […]


Deciding upon right Internet Marketing Mix


What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is finding your right target market on internet, reaching them, proposing value by communicating and generating business on internet. Online marketers use various internet marketing components like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing to name few. Few brands also go […]


10 Things to Know before You Start an E-commerce Website


by- Kunal Choudhary, Digital marketing entrepreneur, Public speaker and trainer at DSIM Want to start an e-commerce website? Here are 10 important aspects that you need to look into. 1. Is your product sell-able on internet? 2. Can you trust your sourcing partner? 3. What is the competition level for your niche? 4. How would […]


11 Signs You Can Have Successful Career in Digital Marketing


by- Kunal Choudhary, Digital marketer, Public speaker and trainer at DSIM At times I wonder what would be the salary of secret agent 007 James Bond that he doesn’t think before getting his life in trouble for his job? Well, I do not know how much Mr. Bond earns but they say that if you […]


Pyaar Aur Traditional Marketing Ke Side Effects


After a tiring and productive day, I reached home and switched on the TV. To my surprise and luck, one of my favorite movies – “Pyaar ke Side Effects” was being aired on one of the channels. Soon, I got engrossed in watching the movie.

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