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6 Elements to Double the Delight of a YouTube Video

Jul 22, 2017

There isn’t any doubt in YouTube turning into a marketer’s paradise. YouTube has more than 1 billion monthly users; 6 out of 10 people preferring online video platforms to live TV makes it one of the best marketing or advertising destinations; on an average session, users spend about 40 minutes on YouTube daily; these reasons […]


11 Facebook Updates You Must Know About in 2017

Jul 20, 2017

The Social Network Facebook started 2017 off with a bang introducing several new features and product update. And, here we’ve collected all the recent ones you need to know. As usual, we have worked hard to give you something different; so, sit back and keep on reading & clicking more & more… Here we go: […]


6 Sneaky Hacks to Improve Your Facebook Ads

Jul 11, 2017

For your marketing efforts on Facebook, there is dependably opportunity to get better and knowing a few of the hacks can actually help you get more engagement and conversions. To get most out of your Facebook ads, you need to make these more appealing and convertible. When you fail to do so; you fail to […]


Facebook’s Find WiFi Feature Is Available Globally

Jul 6, 2017

Facebook has begun testing its “The Find WiFi feature “last November and now it has been rolled out globally for iPhone and Android.” With the feature, users are enabled to discover WiFi hotspots that businesses have shared via their Facebook pages, giving them more connectivity options. As per Facebook’s Newsroom, it has been said that […]


13 Must-do’s to create a trust-boosting Facebook page

Jun 27, 2017

In today’s time, you’ll find so many of consumers having a basic cynicism about brands and companies and you as a marketer are responsible to put them at ease, taking on the value of trust. From a marketing angle, trust has always been important and social media works as an extraordinary approach to help you […]


Facebook Launching A New App For Video Creators

Jun 24, 2017

On Friday, Facebook announced they will roll out a mobile app for video creators to produce and publish live and on-demand videos to the social network later this year. Using the app, you can also keep up with fans across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger; and track their videos’ performance. Facebook product director Daniel Danker announced […]


5 Tips To Primarily Improve Your Social Media Design

Jun 22, 2017

There is a lot of content published in a matter of moments on several social media platforms. And, it’s nothing unexpected that capturing your target audience’s attention could be so difficult. This informational marketplace is actually crowded and to survive euphorically, you have to emerge. And, visual content is one such surefire approach to reach […]


YouTube Introduces Heatmaps in VR Videos

Jun 20, 2017

YouTube is rolling out new analytics tools for 360-degree and VR video producers that will include a heat map to see where their viewers are paying attention at any given time. It now offers heatmaps for 360-degree videos and virtual reality videos with more than 1,000 views. Product manager Frank Rodriguez said in a blog post that “the new heatmaps will allow creators […]


Facebook Introduces Two New Tools To Campaigns

Jun 15, 2017

Facebook is coming up with more robust targeting options which stand apart from its traditional impressions/clicks/conversions. The first, ‘Value Optimization’ To power Facebook campaigns, advertisers can now target by value as the solution enables them to optimize their ad campaigns based on purchase value data passed through the Facebook pixel. Value optimization works by using […]


Facebook allows ads within its Instant Articles Format

Jun 10, 2017

Facebook’s Instant Articles format, a better and faster version of the web’s standard article page is becoming better by slotting ads within below-the-fold “recommended articles” boxes. On Thursday, Facebook announced that all Instant Articles publishers can feature ads within the “Related Articles” section appearing below their actual articles. Facebook had started to test these ads […]


11 Social Media Posts You Would Never Want To Miss

Jun 9, 2017

May was somewhat a month that saw a lot from our most loved social media dashboards as DSIM’s blog featured some incredible content on how to take your social media strategy to the next level. In all your social media endeavors, you are battling everyone else for space. And, so, here we have incorporated a […]


6 Fool-Proof Ways to Scale Your Social Media Exposure

Jun 6, 2017

The key to any successful social media strategy is how you interact with your leads on social media. Research has shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Providing social users with interesting, useful content helps bring in quality leads. Done right, social media strategy will have a huge, positive effect […]


5 Tips To Make You Create Impressive Facebook Ad Images

May 30, 2017

Need to improve your cost per click for Facebook ads? From background images to font style, the design choices you make can have a profound result on the overall results of your Facebook ad campaigns. Using the right images could significantly impact the success of your ads and improve the cost per click! Here are […]


6 Tips on Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

May 27, 2017

Social media campaigns are for a particular reason and only last for a certain time period.  And, so the strategy we undertake in running a campaign is actually different from those used in social media marketing. In this article, you will get to learn several actionable tips through studies of successful social media campaigns by […]


Facebook updates its publishers’ guidelines

May 20, 2017

Recently Facebook announced several updates to News Feed specifically focused on improving the integrity of the information visitors find on Facebook. In continuation of this effort, it has shared a series of guiding principles to help publishers reach readers while following its Community Standards, which discourage clickbait, misinformation and sensationalism. People expect the stories in […]


20 Facebook Ad Examples To Make you a Campaign Pro

May 20, 2017

Facebook Ad practices can be kept enhanced through two different ways: Follow the Facebook ad examples by other brands; learn from inspiration Come up with your own best practices; pave your way And, nobody can deny the significance of doing some research and taking lessons from others’ work i.e. to find out what’s working for […]


8 Best Practices For Your Facebook Ads Research

May 10, 2017

There are tools for most of the marketing tasks and Facebook Ad research isn’t any exception. The task has three imperative benefits; collecting new campaign ideas and escalating the existing ones, idea validation and insights to avoid mistakes & focus on efforts that work. And, the article here will talk about 8 hacks to figure […]


Facebook introduces a new offline conversion solution

May 9, 2017

Brands using Facebook lead ads can now more effectively measure offline conversions as Facebook took latest move and introduced a new Offline Conversion solution for its lead ads on Monday. This will automatically connect with CRMs and other systems to upload the outcome of leads generated by Facebook campaigns into their ads manager. With the […]

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