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4 Steps to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Get More Leads


If it is said that Facebook provides leads, then it’s completely true, but here- The first question is- Do you want potential Facebook leads? And the next is- How to find them? Again, the next is- Is it possible to get prospects using Facebook lead ads? You can surely understand how to do it if […]


6 Important Social Metrics for Your 2018 Strategy


When you are promoting your brand on social media, you ought to understand metrics that are considered valuable in marketing. Undoubtedly, the social media is one the best platforms for getting popular with your product and services, but how can you analyze the results of your success or failure? DSIM is here to help. We […]


4 Ways to Reduce Your Facebook Ad Costs


Budget is a critical issue while creating ad campaigns for Facebook. You always like to spend less and gain more from advertising efforts. Amid all these, you too need to keep your post’s engagement highly positive notifying the Facebook algorithm in order to boost the reach and increase the range of your targeted audience even […]


12 Best Apps to create Social Media Contests


Have you ever noticed why you find so many contests on social media? Well, the contest allows a marketer to gain engagement, followers, and brand loyalty. But what is a social media contest? A social contest is a sort of promotion targeting your social media audience. The contest may help you in gaining queries and […]


10 Facebook Video Tips for More Engagement


Do you find it challenging to grab attention of your audience on Facebook? It is obviously. At present, users see thousands of messages at once via Facebook, email, online ads, texts, and other outlets and so, it becomes even more challenging to keep their attention. Yet, to effectively achieve this, what should be done? The […]


7 Tactics to Build Your Brand on YouTube


Why do you need YouTube videos to promote your brand or business? Why YouTube is popular for brand building purposes? Reason- “It has more than 1 billion video hours watches every single day” It has an incredible volume and an incredible reason as well to satisfy all promotion requirements. Now, you got the volume, but […]


8 Creative Ways Brands are Using Snapchat


Snapchat has started a new chapter and looks prominent to change its image. Once a teenager social network is turning into a powerful medium of communications. Actually, Snapchat proclaims itself as a camera company. Way back in 2011, when it was incepted, it made an impressive launch and became one of the happening news in […]


9 Social Media Strategies That Will Influence 2018


In online marketing, platforms keep coming and disappearing as users continuously changing their likes and behavior. If you follow the guide on “how to “dominate” Facebook from 2010” that would be like reading an old age story today. This indicates that brands need to change their social media campaigning approach. So, better to follow the […]


6 Social Media Tactics You Must Stop Using


Social media managers could be bracketed as lunatic if they percept the similar piece of information is a worthy hack all the time. Do you think social media practice with the same, old cookie cutter tactics used during Mark Zuckerberg institution days would be effective today? “Possibly not.” Even though social media campaigns are gaining […]


5 Simple Ways to Improve Your YouTube Video Performance


If YouTube is more than an entertainment provider, probably this would be true in all means. Have you hooked up YouTube for business generation? If not start doing it now. Sooner you do, faster you learn the approaches of marketing. The world has known the art of video marketing with the resources of YouTube and […]


3 Facebook Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2018


Wondering what trends Facebook will experience in 2018? Looking for better ways on interacting with customers? Let’s explore the most important Facebook marketing trends for 2018. Facebook has transformed the way people connect and communicate. It has seen massive growth and change in the past year. Facebook trends have in progressively influenced how digital marketers […]


10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in 2017


The most imperative part of advertising is to know your audience and enthrall them with your well-written storytelling. And, as the year end has arrived, we have brought here a few chosen campaigns embracing superb storytelling. Here is the 2017 most watched YouTube Ads list and you’ll recognize many of the spots as these were […]


6 Social Media Trends To Rule 2018


User Engagement traffic through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram has become a critical factor of any successful marketing strategy. The social media channels frequently update their features to improve the user experience. The world of social media is continually changing and your ability to adapt to the latest developments is essential […]


8 Vital Instagram Tools to Use in the New Year


Instagram has turned into a capable marketing platform for business owners all over the place and with the correct tools; it winds up noticeably simpler to get the outcomes that you need. Also, along these lines, here we’ve assembled a first-class toolbox of Instagram applications that will help you drive more clients to your online […]


6 Good-enough Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel


To know whether you are reaching your goals on YouTube or not; you need to analyze the efficacy of your marketing. Talking of YouTube Marketing success, we have discussed here 6 important metrics. So, find them here and review the performance of your YouTube channel. 1) Find the subscribers-to-views ratio Creating content that connects with […]


6 Lesser-known Ways To Make Your Facebook Ads Better


There are a number of ways to get your Facebook ads work and to let them bring you new fans, customers, and subscribers. And, in this article we have discussed 6 lesser-known ways and marketers struggling to take their Facebook ads up can use these. Let’s take a look: 1) Testing Carousel ads Carousel ads […]


4 Facebook Ad Metrics you should start tracking quickly


It’s practically difficult to pick to choose because Facebook has such huge numbers of metrics to pick from. Here basically, you have to limit your concentration to track particular metrics if you need to be more beneficial as there are tons to make you confused. How about we take a look at 4 important Facebook […]


5 Winning Social Media Strategies for Your B2B Company


Searching for ideas on how you can use Social Media for your B2B Company? Social Media has turned into an ever-growing platform for B2B businesses to promote their products and reach out to potential consumers. An ever-increasing number of individuals are using some sort of social media every day which is the reason it is […]

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