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5 Facebook Retargeting Tactics that Actually Work


Searching new ways to re-engage existing customers and prospects on Facebook? Be unconfident how to use remarketing to specific audiences? Facebook retargeting campaigns are the hidden gems of the advertising world. If you’re looking for effective remarketing via Facebook, you’ll need to post unique ads to custom audiences segmented according to their browsing history and […]


7 Facebook Marketing Takeaways for You


Facebook has always helped its users with imperative takeaways. Let’s see, what productive takeaways it has brought for its users in recent times? Here we go- 1) Clear Your Dating History  If you want to clear your privacy details, better dating details, you can do it in one swoop. Facebook claims the Clear History feature […]


8 Influencer Marketing Tools for Stronger Influence


Brands grouped to influencers in masses to help sell their products and services to target audiences. Influencer marketing has been huge, with more social influencers adding up every day. Don’t expect this drift to stop any time soon. If you haven’t tried influencer marketing yet, now definitely is the time to start. In this article, […]


6 LinkedIn Layout & Feature Changes You Should Know


Do you know LinkedIn has brought some changes in its entire “BUSINESS PROFILE MAKING SECTION” and that are fruitful in many ways? But, what you need to do here is to go through all LinkedIn updates and restructure your profile simultaneously. Here is the list of changes- 1) Placement of Profile Photo Allows You to […]


7 Ways to Target Website Visitors with Facebook Custom Audiences


Do you know the worth of Facebook custom audiences? Have you used them to their full potential? If not yet, then you should now. Here are 7 ways to target website visitors with the help of Facebook Custom Audience and turn them into leads or sales prospects. Know About Website Custom Audiences- Website custom audiences […]


10 Steps to Make Facebook Sales Funnel


The market of Facebook has expanded greatly in recent years. Marketers found the platform quite useful for reaching their sales target through the ad platform. But, ideally, Facebook is more popular as social platform amongst users when compared to sales task. This is because most people find the platform more helpful for the conversation over […]


4 Tools to Help You Rank Your YouTube Videos


Do you want your YouTube videos to rank in YouTube search? Looking for tools to optimize your titles, keywords, and tags? Here, we have mentioned 4 tools to tell high-performing keywords for your YouTube content. #1 Google Trends- To Weigh Topic Interest It’s always important to find a topic that’s interesting to your audience and […]


3 Effective yet Underused Facebook Ad Types


Facebook is certainly one of the most reliable and quickest social marketing platforms.  With billions of active users across the world, the social media offers a great chance to interact with potential customers. But, in the process, you need to know what features Facebook bring you to amplify your marketing efforts. Facebook proffers 3 marvelous […]


7 Best Keyword Research Tools for YouTube Videos


It’s obvious that in today’s world, YouTube is the best platform for video content marketing. It’s the shortest and fastest way to communicate with a large audience. To reach out to a large audience, one needs a lot of views on their videos and it’s not that easy. To have a large audience, one needs […]


Facebook Messenger Now Supports HD Video and 360- degrees Photos


Facebook has always been a magnificent social platform for users. With several features provided, the social platform has enabled them to utilize in specific ways. Video and image sharing are two of those prominent features. Facebook in its latest update has come up with a service in which users can now send and receive HD […]


3 Steps To Optimize Facebook Ad Bids


Are you looking forward to promote through Facebook advertising? But, before you do, you need to optimize your bidding and know it properly so that you can understand which one is better among clicks or impressions. Here you’ll know how the selection of bids for ads influences your Facebook ad campaign. #1. Create Your Campaign […]


4 Simple Tactics To Combine Facebook Audiences With AdWords


Google AdWords and Facebook, both are pioneers in offering numbers of advanced audience targeting opportunities to marketers. Where Google AdWords is the spearhead in combining keyword targeting with remarketing list of search ads (RLSA), the Facebook comes up with demographic information for advertisers as their core audience targeting strategy. In this post, you’ll come to […]


8 Tips to Improve Your Sponsored Social Ads


In recent past, the advertising scope of social media has grown continuously. Marketers are willing to spend their budget on social media marketing and as data says it has doubled from $ 16 billion in 2014 to $ 31 billion in 2016. Hopefully, the graph will go up in 2018 and beyond, but what important […]


4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility


Looking for optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more visibility? Actually, it’s not easy to know which sections of your profile are most important and so, we are here to help. Here, in this article you’ll learn how to optimize and use your LinkedIn profile to establish a solid first impression with connections. Let’s take a […]


8 Easiest Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page


Facebook with 1.94 billion monthly active users and 1.28 billion daily active users in March 2017, has clearly stated how much important the platform is for marketers. Also, it’s easy to optimize and gives return to the investments made in the advertisements. But, if you are looking to get shortcuts for turning Facebook likes into […]


19 Best Instagram Tools of 2018


Instagram is an active social media platform with billions of users. Many of them use their accounts for personal touch up and many to fulfill their business aspirations. But, to achieve the goals of increasing followers, engagement rate, leads and strategize every business plan, one needs a true support. This support is available in the […]


4 Steps to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Get More Leads


If it is said that Facebook provides leads, then it’s completely true, but here- The first question is- Do you want potential Facebook leads? And the next is- How to find them? Again, the next is- Is it possible to get prospects using Facebook lead ads? You can surely understand how to do it if […]


6 Important Social Metrics for Your 2018 Strategy


When you are promoting your brand on social media, you ought to understand metrics that are considered valuable in marketing. Undoubtedly, the social media is one the best platforms for getting popular with your product and services, but how can you analyze the results of your success or failure? DSIM is here to help. We […]

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