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5 Winning Social Media Strategies for Your B2B Company


Searching for ideas on how you can use Social Media for your B2B Company? Social Media has turned into an ever-growing platform for B2B businesses to promote their products and reach out to potential consumers. An ever-increasing number of individuals are using some sort of social media every day which is the reason it is […]


6 Facebook Brand Awareness Hacks For You


It’s significant to know how to create your brand awareness campaigns successfully, with the goal that these fill your funnel. Amongst the possible hacks, you can use after existing contacts, customers, and database and show signs of improvement thought of who to pursue next. Further as quickly as possible, you can create your new custom […]


6 Best Social Media Marketing Examples For You


Social Media Marketing these days is not easy and so, marketers need strategies that stand out. Here, in this post, we have listed a few best brands showing unsullied growth backed by their unusual social media campaigns. Take a look at the entire list featuring 6 best social media marketing examples and find some clever […]


6 Metrics to Track for Facebook & Twitter Success


To quantify the effect of your social media marketing efforts, it’s important to know which social media metrics you should focus on. In this article, you’ll find the main 6 social media metrics you should screen on Facebook and Twitter. 1. Number of Followers  The number of individuals taking interest in a brand is those […]


10 YouTube Pre-roll Ad Examples to Refer to Inspire


YouTube’s pre-roll videos are one of the most effective ways to target audience, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. The advertiser pays only for the ads when the user decided not to SKIP the advertisement. Research has revealed that up to 94% of YouTube’s pre-roll videos are “skipped” after just 5 seconds. Advertisers […]


7 Important Tools to Create Engaging Facebook Polls


Facebook Polls work as amongst various types of content present on Social Media, people do prefer to like and get engaged with questions the most. Viewers adore answering questions concerning themselves and so, polls have been discovered doing great on the web. In fact, polls can greatly increase the consumer engagement. A very much outlined […]


8 Ways for Tracking Your YouTube Video Performance


As a marketer, you need to analyze reach of your YouTube videos. When you plunge into your YouTube Insights and measure results, it helps you improve your efforts towards future content. You can do it with YouTube’s video statistics and analytics tools. Let’s find out ways to get YouTube analytical know-how and create improved branded […]


7 Tips to Get Great Results from Facebook Videos


Facebook videos work as one of the best marketing tools to support your business. Over 8 billion of videos are watched and you gain speedy access to a large audience. There is massive potential for brands to leverage their video content on Facebook, yet confirming those videos get seen can be difficult. In this article, you’ll […]


11 Terrific Tips to Optimize Your Brand on Twitter


Do you have a Twitter account? If yes, then do you want more exposure for your account? With a few simple practices, you can increase the likelihoods that your Twitter account shows up in both Twitter and Google search. Here are the 11 tips on how you can optimize your brand on Twitter; perfectly: #1 […]


6 LinkedIn Ads that were totally a ‘HIT’


It’s simple to define the attributes of a winning ad on any of the platform but to get a clearer picture nothing can work out better than an actual example itself. Here, we will talk about LinkedIn Ads, referring to campaigns that drove outstanding results. And, so, you can take out best strategies & practices […]


5 Steps to Set Your Facebook Ad Budget


Facebook ads have become an important part of every social strategy. And, if you want to get your ad seen on Facebook, you have to pay for your advertisement. And, here expecting results from your hard-earned money; you may be wondering how to go about setting a budget? We are here to help you… In […]


6 Most-effective Social Media Ads in 2017


New social media advertising comes out every day, every week; yet there are limited ones that become most popular. Why? Because, these ads are made virtually with immeasurable ability to scale. These convey compelling offers through compelling mediums to individuals finding these really compelling. And, so, we have brought here a couple of social media […]


10 coolest YouTube banner designs for your inspiration


If your YouTube fans are alluring with your awesome video content on a regular basis, it’s important to keep your YouTube Channel banner looking fresh. Banner is one of the important elements representing the style, eminence and insight of your channel. Every promising YouTube sensation needs an exciting banner that matches their awesome channel. Here […]


101 Best Facebook Marketing Tools To Master in 2017


According to ‘Webbiquity’, 71% of all Internet users have a Facebook profile and additionally, 96% of B2C and 88% of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing. Seeing the figures, one cannot simply afford to ignore the platform Facebook Advertising is practically effective and relatively cost-effective to boost a brand’s reach & growth, more quickly. So, […]


11 Hidden Snapchat Features You Probably Didn’t Know About


Snapchat is a messaging app with more than 173 million daily active users, an ultimate fun way to send pictures and videos to friends, but it’s not the most user-friendly app. Even if you’ve learned the basics, there are many ways to hack the app to get the most out of your Snapchat experience. Yes, […]


14 Must-Try Social Media Tools For You in 2017


A ton of social media tools available today, it makes it tremendously hard to decide which ones are worth the investment. There are distinctive tools for various platforms and here, we’re going to give you a list of chosen ones saving your time against researching them. Here are 14 superb social media tools to make […]


7 Quora Ad Mistakes You Should Stop Making Today


‘Quora’ a platform to get answers to questions on any topic, brought its self-serve ad platform for advertisers in May 2017. The effort is viewed as a major push to intrigue the attention of advertisers alongside monetizing the entire system. Therefore, in an effort to enable you to streamline your campaign performance; here are the […]


7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Make You Say “Ouch”


Today, most of the businesses are using social media as a part of their marketing strategy. It has great potential for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. Despite the ubiquity of social media, many still struggle to get the results they’re looking for. And, if you do mistakes or not use the […]

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