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YouTube allows Advertisers to Modify Campaigns for TV


Google is launching the TV screen device types for video ads that will let advertisers find engaged, valuable audiences watching YouTube on connected TVs. The new TV screen device types join computers, mobile phones and tablets in Google Ads and Display & Video 360, so you can modify your campaigns for connected TVs. With a dedicated range […]


Bing Ads Editor Earns Support for In-Market Audiences


Bing Ads Editor finds new improvement as it will have support for in-market audiences. In-market audience was first brought to Bing Ads in May 2018. In-market audience is a targeting method employing AI to make audiences lists out of users who show interest in particular product categories. Targeting in-market audiences help advertisers with people who […]


YouTube is Removing Channels for Content Duplication


YouTube is here with an update where it would be removing channels from its partner program and that means the channels will not be able to do content monetization. The reason for removal can be the violation of any of its policies, but the users have been asking questions are about duplication. What does YouTube […]


Facebook Introduces Creative Compass Tool


Facebook has introduced Creative Compass tool to help businesses measure the effect of Facebook ads creative. Creative Compass will analyze ad creative by seeing at key features and place them on a scale from low impact to high impact. Some features of an ad that will be measured include: Noticeability Brand Association Brand Fit Message Comprehension […]


Google Closing Google+ Due to Massive Data Exposure


Google found a security breach concern and hence closing Google+ for consumers. A software bug has been found that allowed developers to enter private profile data of over 500,000 users. According to Google, there is no such confirmation of developers knowing this bug. It has also been found that no data has been misused. The […]


GMB Brings Tool to Add Listings to Agency Accounts


Google has multiple products serving the diverse range of users and one of them is Google My Business. Google is ready with a new tool launch for GMB so that the transfer of individual listings to agency accounts becomes easier. Agency accounts were first brought to light in May 2018 that would work as a […]


Google Announces New Ways for YouTube Advertisers


Google has introduced new ways for YouTube ads that will help advertisers drive more conversions and make more money. The new features combine the power of YouTube’s creative canvas with Google’s machine learning and measurement solutions. Action with Ad Extensions YouTube advertisers will able to make your video ads more actionable with a greater variety of video […]


Google Images Will Start Showing Credit Information


Google images will have copyright and author information in their images as the company has coordinated with international standards organizations to do this. This feature will appear on images having author and copyright metadata that could drive more traffic. Why Consider Addition of IPTC Metadata? The addition of metadata will help get your images discovered […]


Now, Facebook allows All Advertisers Run Ads in Stories


Facebook Stories ads are now available to all advertisers around the world. Facebook first started testing Facebook Stories ads in May as its limited in only three countries. Facebook stories now have 300 million daily active users across Facebook & Messenger and expanded the availability of ads in stories. Facebook Stories ads now support every […]


Pinterest Now Enables SMBs to Use ‘Shop the Look’ Pins


Pinterest, a unique social media platform is now enabling small-to-medium sized businesses to utilize “Shop the Look” pins for marketing. Earlier, only large companies could use these pins. Also, the companies to use these pins go through third-party Pinterest marketing partners. Now, Pinterest has provided a self-serve tool to SMBs to use Shop the Look […]


Google Ads Users can Start Call Reporting at Account Level


Google Ads is a paid marketing resource and keeps making several changes at regular intervals. This time, a Google Ads update allowing marketers to enable call reporting at the account level has been introduced. Earlier, call reporting can only be enabled individually for every call extension and call-only ad. This caused a challenge for marketers […]


Bing Announces AMP Pages for Mobile Search Results


Bing has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will now work directly from its mobile search results. “Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP Cache enabling AMP-enabled web pages to work directly from Bing’s mobile search results allowing Bing to provide faster mobile experiences to Bing users.”- Source: […]


Google Rolls Out Shoppable Image Ads


Google is going to bring a new kind of advert enabling advertisers and marketers to show shoppable images on publisher websites. The image ads will appear on curated content from Google’s publishing partners. Advertisers can now get their product to the target audiences in an easy way. Google says a third of holiday shoppers look […]


YouTube Introduces Vertical Video Ads


Google is introducing vertical video ads on YouTube for TrueView and Universal App campaigns. The company says globally, more than 70% of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices. It provides a more seamless mobile experience for viewers; YouTube now has an advertising solution that’s personalized to fit vertical videos. “Vertical video ads provide a […]


Digital Marketing August (2018) RoundUp


For marketers to be at the top of their marketing game, it’s essential to keep sorting through the latest and greatest in digital news updates. And, for those who have missed out on the recent updates being caught up in the month of August, we have brought this list including most of them. Let’s take […]


Facebook’s ‘Canvas Ad Type’ is now called ‘Instant Experience’


Facebook announced upgrading its mobile ad solution “Canvas” including more capabilities and though with a new name, “Instant Experience”. The canvas ad type was introduced 2 years ago and brings brands and products to life in a full-screen, post-click experience that loads almost instantly. Instant Experiences Details Instant Experiences can be used effectively by all […]


Bing Ads Introduces ‘Overview’ Tab and Report Download Updates


Bing Ads has introduced several updates designed to help advertisers save time by receiving a faster look at performance insights. These updates include: #1 Enhancements to inline download While you can already download reports from Campaigns page, you’ll now have the option to simultaneously save, schedule, and share them, all in one place. After you […]


Google Assistant to Speak More than One Language


Google made an update to its Google Assistant in which smart speakers and phones will enable users to speak more than one language to it at a time. The Assistant used to support for multiple languages on earlier chances. Although, it could only speak and understand one language per session. If a user wanted to […]

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