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LinkedIn Brings Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content


Carousel ads may be a new advertising format but have drawn the attention of businesses very quickly. And, the ad format is now being introduced by LinkedIn comprising numerous pieces of sponsored content. In a single carousel ad, businesses can show up to 10 swipeable cards and all of them can be customized with different sorts […]


Facebook Introduces Ads In Marketplace


Facebook has started enabling businesses to advertise in Marketplace for the first time since its buying and selling platform was introduced in 2016. Ads in Marketplace can take adverts that would run on anywhere else on Facebook like News Feed ads. Marketplace ads can be seen next to other products and services and creating them […]


29 Major Digital Marketing Updates in May 2018


Here’s our recap of news & updates in online marketing in May 2018, as reported on DSIM and other places across the web- Google 1) Google Brings ‘Optimize’ Integration to New AdWords Experience Google’s latest edition to the new AdWords experience is integration with Optimize, the company’s visual editor for landing pages. Optimize and AdWords integration […]


Facebook Introduces Bidding for In-App Advertising


Facebook has introduced the availability of Audience Network to bid into auctions for in-app advertising. Now, publishers will be able to include Facebook Audience Network inventory in their in-app header bidding auctions. Through a partnership with the selected group of partners- MoPub, Fyber and MAX, Facebook has tested the function and is ready to roll […]


Facebook Brings Ads in Stories


Till today, Facebook has given numerous features to its users for the sake of their personal and professional uses. This time Facebook has come up with another bang and that is, it has started adding ads in Stories. Facebook Stories have been quite successful within the launch of 14 months span and now the company […]


Bing Ads Announces In-market Audience Targeting


Bing Ads has introduced in-market audience targeting for advertisers. In this group, users are most likely to buy for a particular service or product. Last year in May, Google AdWords also introduced in-market audience targeting to its ads. So, those who have been using in-market audience targeting with AdWords afore can now apply for the […]


Google Rolls Out Trusted Partners Directory for GMB Local Search


Google has multiple products to offer to its millions of users. But what important here is to note that it keeps evaluating all of them effectively and simultaneously. One of those products is Google My Business listing. This time Google came with the news for people using GMB for their targeted goals. The news is […]


Google Chrome to mark non-HTTPS sites as “Not Secure” from July 2018


Google is ensuring to make July, 2018 a happening month. Along with the roll out of Speed Update, Google has announced that it will mark all sites as “not secure” which haven’t adopted HTTPS protocol. As more than 50 percent internet users are Chrome public, this change is significantly going to impact web publishers. The […]


Google announces a Fresh New Redesigned Google Trends


Google has updated the Google Trends tool. It has become an important part of editorial storytelling, giving reporters everywhere an insight into search trends across the world. “Today, we’re updating Google Trends with new features, simpler navigation and more ways to explore data and stories around one of the world’s biggest journalistic datasets.” – says […]


Google’s New Algorithm Creates Original Articles from Web Pages


Google has always entertained its users by offering several useful features for content writing upgrades and this time, it is a new algorithm. The new algorithm generates “coherent” articles by taking yours and competitor’s web pages in the account. The algorithm can resolve a user’s query without sending them to another web page. How Does […]


Bing Ads Introduces New Features to “Google Import”


Bing rolls out a new set of features for advertisers looking to import Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads. What’s new with Google Import? Google Import, the tool which enables users to import AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads, can now handle larger numbers of campaigns, keywords, and ads than ever before. It is constantly evolving […]


Facebook Announces Three New Stories Feature in India


Facebook rolls out three new stories features that are, ‘save photos and videos to the Facebook cloud’, ‘archive Facebook Stories‘ and ‘share voice messages with friends’. For now, the updates are only introduced to users in India, but Facebook says they will soon arrive worldwide. Facebook says these updates will help users better “create and save […]


Google My Business Begins Owner Review Response Notifications


Google announced that it will now be sending email notifications to users when business owners respond to their Google My Business (GMB) reviews. The notification email notifies the customer of a reply to their review and contains a link to a page with the full owner response. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching email […]


Facebook Introduces New Video Retention Metrics


Facebook will soon be rolling out improvements to the video retention graph of pages in video insights. The new metrics will be available to page admins in the coming weeks and help to segregate the audience in the following: Followers vs. Non-Followers: Breakdown of audience retention by people who follow a Page and people who […]


Digital Marketing Updates- April 2018


The month of April has seen a number of updates into the digital domain. DSIM has done the hard work of tracking, researching and measuring the marketing suggestions of the most important digital updates so far this month from the major platforms that digital marketers use to promote their business. Here’s our recap of this […]


Facebook announces its own Analytics App


Facebook has announced its prime Facebook Analytics app for measuring the performance of your business pages. Using the app, you can review your most important metrics on the go in a mobile streamlined interface. You can download the Facebook Analytics mobile app now in the App Store and Google Play. Your businesses can stay on top of engagement, […]


Google Starts Sending Mobile-First Indexing Notifications


Google has many remarkable products for business use. All those products can be opened on mobile. This is why webmasters keep on looking for updates regarding mobile services offered from the dashboard of Google. And as found, Google has now begun sending emails to webmasters to notify them about their sites which have been shifted […]


Pinterest to Display Total Monthly Viewers for Business Profiles


Implementing several changes to the appearance of business profiles, Pinterest starts displaying of total monthly viewers for its Business Profiles. Now, everyone will be able to see this statistic, which was earlier shown to account administrators. Users can see the total number of people who saw their business’s pins within the last 30 days. In […]

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