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Pinterest Rolls Out Promoted Videos at Max. Width


Pinterest has announced making max width promoted videos available to all advertisers following a successful beta test. Advertisers would be given two formats to choose from when showcasing videos on Pinterest. Videos at standard width are the same size as all other Pins on Pinterest and videos at maximum width are ~4x bigger, spanning across […]


Google Allows to Include Third Headline in Text Ads


By allowing adding an additional headline and description to text ads, Google is enabling advertisers to insert up to three headlines and two descriptions in text ads. The number of characters for descriptions has also been increased to 90 characters. Now, the text ads and responsive search ads will have the same number of characters. […]


Bing Launches New Intelligent Search Features


Bing launches several new “intelligent search” features that are designed to search for hotels, home services, and coupons. These all new features will allow you to search and help you save money: Estimate and compare hotel prices across multiple providers Discover insights to make the right trade-offs around the price of services Get more savings on products […]


JSON-LD Now Part of the Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing now brings JSON-LD support as part of its Webmaster tools. Users can authenticate their JSON-LD implementation by accessing Bing Webmaster Tools and utilizing the Markup Validator tool. The option is available in the Diagnostics and Tools section. With the inclusions of JSON-LD, the Validator tool now supports different markup languages like- Schema HTML microdata […]


Facebook Updates Its Video Ad Metrics


Facebook has come with another update where it has made changes in its video ad metrics. This will make metrics more in line with the way people watch and interact with videos. More specifically, the update to video ad metrics has been made with respect to gauge the total time a video was viewed. Apart […]


Google to Add 3 New Features in Search Results


Google previewed three new important features coming to search results and these are keen to Q&A, FAQ, and how-to content. The announcement was made by Google’s Gary Illyes at Google Dance Singapore. As per a Twitterati who is an SEO named Akhil Agarwal, Google will be highlighting Q&A, FAQ, and how-to content with customized rich […]


YouTube Now Allows Vertical Videos without Black Bars


YouTube, the biggest video platform has announced a new feature for its users. The platform brings a feature of playing vertical videos in its native desktop aspect ratio i.e. no black bars to appear on the sides. This update was first brought for mobile devices in 2017. A recent post on Google’s YouTube now confirms […]


Google Removes Its URL Submission Tool


Google removed its public URL submission tool and is advising people to use Search Console’s Fetch & Submit tool. Now, site proprietors can let Google know about their new pages with the help of a sitemap file. Google provides steps to submit a URL to Google’s index through Search Console– Go for a fetch request […]


Google Rolling Out New Mobile Search Results Interface


Google is now rolling out a new design for the mobile search results. In this new design, blue interface is replaced with a white interface with some design changes such as text buttons with rounded buttons. When you search for a local business on your smartphone, you might able to see changes.  Google has been testing this […]


4 Latest Instagram Updates You Need to Know


Are you ready for last month’s Instagram Updates? Here in this article on DSIM’s blog, you’ll get to know about important updates brought to Instagram, to increase the functionality, competence, and benefits available. Take a look- 1) Introducing Video Chat, a New Explore, and More Now, users can video chat in Instagram Direct, either with just […]


Google testing a New Design for Image SERP


Image search results have their own algorithm pattern and this time Google has been found testing a new design for image SERP. The new design has the rounded corners, one of the most perfect changes in the latest redesign of regular search results of Google. This means images representation have been restructured. The redesigning activity […]


Instagram Shows Users When Friends Are Online


Today, Instagram in an attempt to make it easier for users to find their friends’ availability has introduced a new feature showing, “When your friends are active on Instagram.” When your friends are active on Instagram, you’ll see a green dot next to their profile picture in various spaces within the app, including the Direct […]


YouTube Brings Searchable Hashtags


Hashtags have been a prominent part of social media activities. This time, YouTube has come up showing hashtags on videos so that users can search for and find other videos on the similar topics. Right now, hashtags are seen on videos only in a web browser and the Android app. You won’t find them in […]


Bing Ads Adds Security Badge Annotations to Search Results


Bing Ads is now live with a new type of annotation that shows a site is secured when it shows up in search results. Here is an example what it looks like: Another example is: It adds a “Site secured by Norton” to the listing following the website URL. “When your website is secured by […]


Now Instagram has “1 Billion” Active Users


Instagram gave the information that the platform now entertains 1 billion monthly active users (in June 2018), which was 800 million in September 2017. This increase has turned Instagram into the fastest growing social network at the moment with a distant margin. Although Facebook incurs more overall users, the platform has gained 3.14 percent growth […]


GMB Allows Users to Add “Call Now” Button to Posts


Now Google advertisers can add “Call Now” buttons to their GMB posts. When users will tap the CTA button, a phone call will get triggered to the GMB listed primary phone number. Businesses won’t be able to change the number added to the “Call Now” button. The newly added feature was noticed by Colan Nielsen […]


Google Adds Organic Search Feature to Paid Search


Google has added a new feature to paid search result that was displayed earlier only in organic search snippets. This February, “People Also Search For” box was updated for organic search and now it will be appearing in paid search ads. This is the rare case of paid search guides accepting a feature that was available […]


Google “Speed Update” introduced globally


Google has come up with another important update. Currently, page speed is considered as a ranking factor for mobile searches. And, Google calling it the “Speed Update” made an official announcement about its worldwide availability. Several notices were made out about the Speed Update prior to yesterday’s release when Google announced in January that it […]

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