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Google now allows readers to find e-books at local libraries

Sep 20, 2017

Google has introduced a new feature to its search platform that allows you to find E-books at your local library. Google announced via its Twitter account that mobile search results for a book now include a ‘Borrow e-book’ option under the ‘Get Book’ tab. Calling all U.S. bookworms! Now you can take a look at […]


Facebook Testing a new feature called ‘Instant Videos’

Sep 14, 2017

Facebook is testing a new feature Instant Videos, that will allow users to watch more video on mobile and they don’t have to waste their data plan downloading them. Videos will be downloaded and cached in the background while users are on Wi-Fi. After switching to a cellular network, the pre-loaded videos will be available […]


33 Digital Marketing Updates you missed in August 2017

Sep 14, 2017

DSIM’s August 2017 Digital Updates List includes the latest and greatest from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more. Don’t miss the segment on development if you wish to be the first to know what has come or what’s coming! Google   1) AdWords Mobile Extensions Get Major Upgrades AdWords mobile extensions get major upgrades with […]


YouTube iOS Users Can Now Live Stream Their Screens

Sep 9, 2017

Google has updated its YouTube Live that adds a couple of new features to the company’s live-streaming service. The feature will allow iPhone and iPad users to share their screen with viewers of their live streams on YouTube. They can also use the device’s front-facing camera and microphone to add their own commentary or reactions […]


Bing Ads will suggest Bid Adjustments to Advertisers

Sep 7, 2017

Now, Bing Ads will help advertisers set effective bidding strategies through remarketing bid adjustment suggestions in the Opportunity tab. The remarketing bid adjustment opportunity will use historical ad performance data and provide advertisers with created suggestions on how to adjust their bids to show ads to their most relevant target audiences. To the degree your […]


WhatsApp to soon launch Tools & Features for Businesses

Sep 6, 2017

The Facebook owned messaging application, WhatsApp has confirmed the news that it’s testing and building other tools for businesses. It has posted an update on its official blog, towards its working plan for businesses. The effort goes well with the needs of the businesses these days and tools are being tested and built via a […]


YouTube’s Logo Changes for the First Time

Aug 30, 2017

Since its launch 12 years back, YouTube has progressed significantly and now, the brand is getting its biggest visual makeover ever. YouTube has a new design and a new logo to go with it. The brand’s iconic logo is being refreshed, with the focus moving far from the word “Tube” onto the recognizable play button […]


Facebook’s Mobile App Can Now Capture 360° Photos

Aug 26, 2017

As an effort to offer support for 360-degree photos and video, now Facebook is allowing users to capture 360-degree photos within its mobile app. And, the feature has been updated on both iOS and Android devices. The social network brought the feature last year allowing users to upload and view 360-degree photos and now, it […]


Google Tests Subscription Tool for Publishers

Aug 24, 2017

Google is developing new tools designed to boost subscriptions for news publishers, as Bloomberg reports. As a part of its more extensive effort to keep buyers and content-makers coming back to the web, Google is exploring publishers’ tools around online payments and targeting potential subscribers which are additionally the lifeline of its ad business. Overall, […]


Google Rolling out Autoplaying Videos directly in Search Results

Aug 21, 2017

Google announced it has begun rolling out autoplaying video previews in search results. On the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android, when video results show up in the video carousel, just like text snippets for text results, you’ll see these video previews. So whether you’re trying to learn some new salsa dance steps […]


Google Voice Search Now Available Worldwide

Aug 17, 2017

Letting users to type less, talk more, Google has rolled out voice search to 30 new languages around the world, making it available to over one billion people worldwide. With this update, Google’s speech recognition supports 119 language varieties, in Gboard on Android, Voice Search and more.  Bringing voice input to more global users  Google […]


Bing Ads & Bing Ads Editor rolling out “Labels” for advertisers

Aug 16, 2017

Bing Ads is rolling out customizable, color-coded labels across the world over the next few weeks. Labels are a simple and powerful way allowing advertisers to create customized tags to associate with their campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords. With labels, they can add detail and color to their reporting data to accomplish more. How […]


Google Reportedly Bringing a ‘Snapchat Discover’ Feature

Aug 9, 2017

Google is supposedly taking a shot at bringing a publishing feature similar to Snapchat Discover to its search engine. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the feature is probably going to be called “Stamp” and would be based on AMP technology. Also, it would enable news publishers to build Snapchat-style stories that […]


Google Adds a New ‘Save’ & Bookmarking Feature

Aug 4, 2017

Google has added a new “save” feature which users can access under a new hamburger menu, navigation drawer. This is located on the left side of the Google home page on your mobile device. This appears when you go to “save” section for the first time. The hamburger menu is available throughout Google search and […]


Google removing ‘OK Google’ voice search from Chromebooks

Aug 3, 2017

As indicated by a report from Chrome Unboxed, Google is supposedly killing its ‘OK Google’ voice search command from Chromebooks. Earlier, Chromebook users have possessed the capacity to say “OK, Google” to prompt a verbal Google search and now, Google has decided to nix it because of lack of use. It’s expected that this change […]


YouTube to stop Video Editor & Photo slideshows on September 20

Aug 1, 2017

YouTube recently disclosed information that it is shutting down Video Editor ( and Photo slideshows services w.e.f. from September 20th, 2017. The message has been given by YouTube’s Community Manager, Marissa through a post in the YouTube help forum. Advertisers using the editor will be able to edit and finalize work until said date, i.e. […]


Twitter testing a subscription-style ad program

Jul 29, 2017

Twitter is testing a subscription service charging advertisers $99 monthly to automatically promote their tweets. The “private beta” program is intended to boost up the reach users and small businesses receive from their tweets. They may not be experts in online marketing or Twitter ad campaigns and would prefer a service that does it automatically. […]


Google Begins Autoplaying Video in Search Results Page

Jul 26, 2017

Google Adds Autoplay Video to Search Results Page and now, it’ll begin autoplaying a video in the knowledge panel on the right side of the results. An example: There are a couple of ad blockers and browsers do preventing the video from being played automatically.  While for others, it will start autoplaying exclusive of any […]

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