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Google Job Search Tool Now Include Salary Information


Google has announced updates to help job seekers to find lucrative employment directly through its job search tool. People searching for jobs across the U.S. using Google Search will now get estimated salary information right along with the job posting in which they are interested. This new feature, which is set in the company’s core […]


Mozilla makes Google as its default search engine


Google just became the default search provider in Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, as it has dropped Yahoo as its default search engine provider ending its 3-year partnership with it. The change in the default US search provider came as Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, version 57, a speedier and lighter browser on account of a noteworthy […]


Twitter Doubles Tweet Character Limit to 280


Twitter has announced doubled its limit for tweets from 140 to 280 characters, a bid to pull in more users and boost engagement at the social network. The roll-out includes all languages except Japanese, Korean and Chinese, in which space limitations have not been an issue, Twitter said. Twitter has limited its users to 140 […]


Facebook Brings New Messenger Chat Plugin for Business Websites


Facebook has introduced Messenger’s new chat plugin for businesses to engage with customers. The version 2.2 of Facebook’s Messenger platform comes with a highly requested customer chat plugin. The plugin allows businesses to communicate with customers between their website and Facebook Messenger has been designed for desktop, mobile, and tablet. It also supports current Messenger […]


Facebook Rolls out a Simple Polling Feature supporting GIFs


Facebook has brought a new feature to pages and profiles allowing users to post simple polls, and also, they can add GIFs to those. Polls take account of 1 question and 2 choices of answers, similar to the new Instagram polls that were introduced recently. To create a poll, users need to create a status […]


Google Introduces a Fresh Look for Mobile Search Results


Google has announced rolling out a new look for mobile search results that all the more nearly resembles the devices they’re being viewed on. When taking a look at Google’s new design for mobile search, users will find all search cards, and boxes within search cards having rounded corners. The new design is an apt […]


LinkedIn rolling out “Smart Replies” to its messaging platform


To help users find the time and more easily respond to their messages, LinkedIn has made its reply suggestions smarter. It is bringing smart replies to its messaging platform in an effort to help keep conversations going. Using machine learning, LinkedIn will show users suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation they […]


Google Search will no longer use domains to indicate country service


Google updating the way it labels country services on the mobile web, the Google app for iOS, desktop search and maps, has ended up using domains to indicate the choice of country. Now, by default users will be served the country service that corresponds to their location. To make it understand, “If you live in […]


Bing launches Maximize Clicks Automated Bid Strategy


Bing Ads introduced ‘Maximize Clicks’ with the automated bidding feature. This feature aimed at maximizing the number of clicks advertisers can receive within their budgets. They added the Enhanced CPC bid strategy in August 2016, which automatically adjusts bids up or down based on the determined chance that a click will convert. How to get started […]


Google introduces its mobile payment service “Google Payment”


Google has announced a mobile payment service, called Google Payment, which is designed to facilitate an easier checkout experience for online purchases. Starting October 23, 2017, users can now speed through online checkout on many of their favorite apps and websites with a few quick clicks. When you use Google Payment, you can pay with […]


Facebook brings a new feature to give context about articles


Facebook has started a new test to give people additional context on the articles they see in News Feed. This feature has been designed to provide people some of the tools they need to make an informed decision about which stories to read, share, and trust. Facebook is testing a new ‘i’ button that is […]


LinkedIn building a new tool called Talent Insights


LinkedIn is working on a new tool called Talent Insights, designed specifically to help companies make data-backed decisions when recruiting and managing talent. With more than 500 million members and more than 11 million active job listings, LinkedIn is in the position to tap into a rich global dataset and provide a dynamic view on […]


Instagram introduces Polls in Stories


Instagram has added a new feature to Stories which will let users ask questions and have their audience vote on the answer. Yes, it has introduced an interactive poll sticker to let users ask a question and see results from their friends and followers as they vote. With the update, it has become easy to […]


Google Ending its ‘First Click Free’ Service


To address the problems of publishers about how to support their subscription businesses with a focus, Google has declared removing its search feature called First Click Free. The service now will get replaced by ‘Flexible Sampling’. Revealing the news through its official blog post, Google said that, “Publishers are in the best position to determine […]


YouTube Changes Rules around Videos with External Links


YouTube is including limitations on which accounts can include external links at the end of their videos. External links are added to videos in the form of end cards, and the requirements have been brought that every account needs to meet in order to be able to use end cards. The new necessities for using […]


Now Export Google Search Console’s ‘Index Coverage’ Report


Site owners can now export data contained in Google Search Console’s Index Coverage report. Index Coverage is a generally new report within Google Search Console that was first introduced in early August. The report recognizes what numbers of pages of a site are getting indexed, and in addition how many pages that are not getting […]


Google now allows readers to find e-books at local libraries


Google has introduced a new feature to its search platform that allows you to find E-books at your local library. Google announced via its Twitter account that mobile search results for a book now include a ‘Borrow e-book’ option under the ‘Get Book’ tab. Calling all U.S. bookworms! Now you can take a look at […]


Facebook Testing a new feature called ‘Instant Videos’


Facebook is testing a new feature Instant Videos, that will allow users to watch more video on mobile and they don’t have to waste their data plan downloading them. Videos will be downloaded and cached in the background while users are on Wi-Fi. After switching to a cellular network, the pre-loaded videos will be available […]

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