10 Indian Startups that closed in 2019


India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world with several excellent business models, brilliant ideas and unicorn companies. Even though India has the biggest startup network in the world, 4 out of 5 Indian startups fail due to lack of a scalable business model, lack of capital and wrong operation. Most of the […]

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How to Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads


LinkedIn dynamic ad is a wonderful tool for making your social media marketing efforts successful. You just need to learn to make the dynamic ads precisely. In this article, you’ll come to know “how to create LinkedIn dynamic ads?” Procedure to Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads In order to create LinkedIn dynamic ads, start with opening […]

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The Most Popular Games and Apps of 2019

most popular app -dsim

Facebook ruled in the year 2019 in terms of app downloads. Facebook messenger app is the most downloaded app of 2019, followed by Facebook (main App) then WhatsApp Messenger. According to App Annie’s year-end report, global app downloads cross a record 120 billion across Apple iOS and Android (Google Play) in 2019. It indicates a […]

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Case Study: Time to Understand and Employ Broken Link Building

Links are one of the best ways to reach relevant search information through the Internet. It acts as a ranking factor for your landing websites also. Moreover having the links is not enough. The quality of the link should matter all the time. The high-quality link may lead you to get desirable results. If you […]

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Case Study- Understand the Impact of Digital Technology on National Security

Today’s leading technologies and cybersecurity experts are focusing on the role of emerging and disruptive technologies in the context of national security. Of the vast range of digital technologies contemplated by the defense committee, two channels (communications and information) were picked to have the most potential for enhancing the readiness of reserve components and their […]

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8 Ways on How to Analyze SMM Strategy on Instagram Efficiently


Instagram is currently one of the biggest and most powerful social media platforms out there. It’s a major marketing tool that brands and businesses are using to deliver their messages to their target audiences. With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the place you want your business to be. Your social media […]

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DSIM’s Guide: How to Start Your Own Study Blog

Generally, a blog is a great opportunity to accomplish several goals: from the need to earn money simply working at home to the urge to help other people. Along with these benefits, starting your own study blog will allow you to develop your own skills as this type of blog requires not only a personal […]

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Google’s Top Searches of the Year for 2019


Are you wondering what people in India (and around the globe) are searching for the most? Then YOU’RE LUCKY!! Google has revealed an annual list of the top trending searches of the year for 2019.  The trending topics are from different categories- news, people, sports, media and entertainment. Here are some highlights of the top […]

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How Content Marketing Helps Mobile App Businesses

The app stores are filled with tons of app, and the developers, as well as the businesses, know it. There are around 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.8 million apps on the Play Store. With this fierce competition in every niche, to develop an app and get millions of downloads has […]

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20 Types of Link Building


Link building is always an effective strategy for increasing organic reach and getting discovered. It forms a crucial part of many SEO strategies, but it’s not safe to assume that any link is a good link. Quality is more important than ever because Google has started penalizing websites that build low-quality or spammy links. Here […]

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Create a Thriving Work Culture by Making Self-Care a Priority

Let us be honest, most of us are not able to create a balance in our lives. We try to multitask so much that we fail to complete even one task on time. The constant switch between our professional and social lives makes us forget an important element – self-care! Our article today is all […]

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4 Ways to Improve Web Push Notification Subscription Rate

Given the advantages of Push notifications, it has become a very important consideration while deciding about the marketing strategy of any organization. In Web Push Notifications, users do not have to give any personal information. It is a browser-based tool. In a single click, the user will be subscribed to push notifications. Push Notification offers […]

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8 Conversion-optimized Email Signature Examples (At No Cost)


Email is a key communication tool in today’s scenario. If you communicate via email, your email signature stands as an important element of message to a consumer with your brand product & services. Email signature is more than just a name and job title! It is a part of your personal branding. A good email […]

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How to Build Relevant Links through Guest Posting?


Original and quality link building techniques have always been appreciated in SEO. One of the best ways to do this is guest blogging. Guest Blogging Challenges & Their Solution You may have to face various challenges if you want to build links through guest blogging- Select the right blog for guest blogging. Lack of best […]

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4 Ad Principles to Help You Make a Selling PPC Copy


Wondering how to improve your PPC ad copy? Here are the 4 advertising principles to help you improve the quality of your PPC ad copy. 1) More Explanatory, More Influential What to consider at this point is to bring useful information to your customer to make your advertisement successful. When you offer understandable information along […]

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Never Miss On These Golden Rules of Social Media Advertising In 2020


The winter has approached, and it’s the last quarter of 2019, but we’d love to discuss social media marketing– the favorite hot talk for everyone, from budding entrepreneurs to conglomerate brand strategists. To understand the beauty and power of online platforms, we can simply recall that in 1999, we were asked not to share the […]

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