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11 Reasons to Get Excited About Mondays


1) You start afresh with a new energy and goals. 2) You meet your office friends and colleagues after a long break. 3) You love your job, your job is what you love. 4) The idea of work excites you more than that of a party. 5) Your office is fun to work at. 6) […]


10 Struggles You Go Through Every time A Relative Visit Your Home


1) You have to greet everyone a thousand times. 2) You have to make sure that you’re polite every time and to everyone. 3) You feel like a stranger in your own house. 4) Whatever happens, you have to sit in front of your relatives like a showpiece. 5) Everyone wants to know your success […]


11 Types of Siblings We Adore


1) The Educator: They teach you about everything or anything you do. 2) The Over Protective: They won’t even let you try new things as they would be knowing the consequences in advance. 3) The Super talented: They are the favourites of your parents. Be it studies or extra curricular activities they are expert in everything. […]


14 Times Amul Proved This Year That They Have The Best Adverts


1) ‘Flying Fish’ rules the pool with Olympic records 2) Transformative tax reform passed 3) B & W photo trend on FB 4) The fantasy mania Harry Potter declared to continue its series 5) First female nominee of major U.S political party 6) Variable pricing of cab services creates discontent 7) Obsession with augmented reality […]


11 Things Indian Parents says too often


1) When Something happen unexpectedly: Humare time pe aisa nhi tha 2) When you spend too much: Paise ped pe nahi ugte hai 3) When you are drinking Tea: Itni chai piyoge to kaale ho jaoge 4) When you are watching TV: Itna TV dekhoge to chasma lag jayega 5) When you try to explain something: […]


Top 11 Quotes by Donald Trump


‘Donald John Trump’ is an American Businessman, author and a reality television personality. He became the Republican Party Nominee for the President of the United States for the year 2016. This billionaire real estate mogul once got bankrupted in the midst of 1990 due to decline in this industry, yet in the end coped to […]


Top 11 Incredible Quotes by Warren Buffett


As marketers, speculator and business people, we pride ourselves on concocting revolutionary and different thoughts.  These ideas help us stay applicable and develop in our careers. Also, it’s very evident that the most splendid marketing minds get their motivation from other splendid personalities. As you begin your day, stir your brain with positive thoughts and […]


10 Types of people you’ll find in public transport


1) Napster: They can sleep anywhere and everywhere and even the brakes in the buses can’t wake’em up. 2) Stuntmen: They will never reach the stop on time and then will run behind the bus as if it’s a last bus on earth. 3) Super Rich: They will give a 1000 rupee note for 10 […]


10 funny advertisement that will help you out to get what you want


1) Rajnigandha: To get the world on your feet 2) Fair and Lovely: To land your dream job 3) Bournvita: To prepare your kids for victory 4) Pan Parag: To welcome the guest 5) Axe Deo: To get the girl you want 6) Fair and handsome: To get Fame and success 7) Amul Macho: Fight cool with trouble 8) Tata Tea: To […]


8 Types of Annoying People You Meet in Your Daily Life


1) Bollywood Bhakts: They are the people who blindly follow the Bollywood actors and actress. 2) Brand Experts: These people are completely brand freaks from their shoes to hair-band everything they wear or use is branded. 3) Passive Aggressive Bonehead: They find faults in everything you use or about to use. they are the people […]


11 Things You’ll Understand If You Are A Townie


1. Nobody knows where you are exactly from. 2. Your know almost all your graduation mates. 3. There is nothing called personal space as everyone knows everything. 4. You’ve had the same friends your entire life.   5. You feel like alien when you the fashion culture of the cities.   6. You feel lost when […]


11 Problems You Face With An Indifferent Name


1. People can never pronounce your name in a first go. 2. People think it’s okay to make fun of your name. 3. People don’t believe that it is actually a name. 4. You always interrupt people while pronouncing your name. 5. You  get mini panic attacks when people ask your name. 6. Whenever you […]


10 Cartoons That You’ll Only Remember If You Are A 90’s Child


1. Pokemon: Ash’s journey to become and Pokemon master and team rocket creating hurdles in his journey was quite fun to watch. 2. Beyblade: The story of Bladebreakers with Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max and kenny ruling the world of beyblade championships. 3. Chip ‘n’ Dale: Story of chipmunks starting a detective agency was quite fascinating […]


11 Irritating ads that turned out to be a genius play


1) Airtel: 4G Challenge 2) Amul Macho: Bade aaram se 3) Fogg Deo: Fogg chal rha hai…. 4) Harpic: Harpic Challenge 5) Idea: IIN 6) 5 Star Chocolate: Ramesh and Suresh 7) Rajnigandha: Muh mein rajnigandha… kadmo mein duniya… 8) Colgate: Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai? 9) Maruti Celerio: Celerio nhi hu mai… 10) Mahindra Gusto: Tujhe Gusto lena hai gusto […]


11 situations you face when you are friend with someone who cracks woeful jokes


1.They laugh at their own jokes, often solo. 2. They believe their jokes are beyond other mortals. 3. You often sit alone and laugh at their non-funny jokes. 4. You have to ask them, “Were you born with this talent?” 5. Sometimes you are like “Is the joke really ‘not funny’ or did you miss […]


7 things we should learn from Myntra’s fiasco


It has been through all my adolescence days that I have heard this exceptionally celebrated saying “Jaan bachi to lakhon paaye, laut ke buddhu ghar ko aaye”. You should ponder what has been the reason that I all of a sudden began discussing my past times and learning restrained. Recently, I read this news that […]


11 Digital marketing myths we need to stop believing in


1. Digital marketing can only be successful with large website traffic. : Really…. said who! Barack Obama!!! 2. Creating a website is enough for digital marketing :- Yeah and Santa lives in North Pole… 3. It’s hard to determine digital marketing efforts on storefront sales :- And it’s even harder to determine whether stupidity is a crime or […]


11 Funny superstitions we all follow


1. Black cat crossing path: Yeah sure as if this cat’s gonna follow me home. 2. Books touching your feet: Really, I take bath everyday. 3. Watching yourself in a cracked mirror: What I see in a mirror is hundred smaller version of me. 4. Cutting nails and shaving after sunset: Sure, as if bad […]

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